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Last Revised: 10 Oct 2019

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This policy applies to regular status staff employees who have satisfactorily completed their initial probationary period in all offices and divisions of Gallaudet University, unless specifically covered by collective bargaining agreements made between Gallaudet University and certified bargaining agents.


The sick leave loan program is designed to provide continuation of income when an employee does not have sufficient sick leave to cover periods of personal illness or injury. This program is intended for new employees who have not had an opportunity to accrue sufficient leave and for employees who have experienced chronic illnesses or long-term disabling conditions and have exhausted their leave accruals. Whether to grant a sick leave loan is in Gallaudet’s discretion.

An employee may borrow sick leave up to 60 percent of his/her normal working hours for any week or portion thereof, or a maximum of 48 hours per pay period for a full-time employee. Leave hours may not be borrowed for portions of days unless the employee is classified as part time. Since an employee would otherwise be on leave-without-pay status, holidays are not considered in determining the number of hours borrowed. Sick leave may not be borrowed for any period for which long-term disability would apply. Employees who are receiving or who may be eligible to receive other disability benefits, e.g., workers’ compensation or recovery of income through settlement, are not eligible to borrow sick leave. The maximum number of hours which may be borrowed is 300 hours per calendar year (prorated for part-time employees).

All sick leave hours borrowed must be repaid in accordance with an agreed-upon repayment schedule. If an employee leaves the University before the leave loan has been repaid, the employee must repay the remaining loan by direct payment.

Approved by: Gallaudet University Board of Trustees


  1. The employee must otherwise have approval to be on leave pursuant to the University’s other policies (e.g., ADA or FMLA).
  2. A sick leave loan must be approved by the employee’s supervisor and unit administrator and by Human Resources.


  1. Leave may be borrowed for the employee’s personal illness or injury only.
  2. The employee must exhaust all of his/her sick and annual leave before requesting a sick leave loan.
  3. The employee must be on leave-without-pay status for five working days before using a sick leave loan.
  4. Requests for retroactive compensation after return to duty are not considered.
  5. An employee may receive a maximum sick leave loan of 60 percent of his/her normal working hours for any week or portion thereof, up to 48 hours per pay period for a full-time employee (hours are prorated for part-time employees). Leave may not be borrowed for portions of days unless the employee is classified as part time.
  6. Sick leave loan hours are not provided if the employee is eligible for or receiving other income replacement benefits whether paid for by Gallaudet or another source.
  7. Annual leave and sick leave do not accrue while using borrowed sick leave.
  8. If the employee returns to work for a period not to exceed five working days and has a reoccurrence of the same condition, the employee is not required to fulfill the five-day leave-without-pay period a second time in order to apply for a sick leave loan.
  9. The maximum leave loan is 300 hours per year (prorated for part-time employees).
      • Loan payments are less taxes and benefits deductions. If sufficient salary is not available for benefits deductions, the employee is responsible for his/her share of the premium costs if coverage is to continue.
      • The sick leave loan benefit terminates when or if:
        • The employee fails to provide documentation.
        • The employee is no longer on approved medical leave from work.
        • The employee ceases to be a member of the eligible employee group (e.g., the employee is no longer a regular status staff employee).
        • The maximum duration has expired.
        • The employee becomes eligible for long-term disability or other disability or income replacement benefits, whether from the University or another source.
        • The employee fails to comply with all of the terms of this policy.
        • The employee ceases to be employed by the University.
        • Any other situation determined to be in violation of the intent of this policy.
      • Should any sick leave loan be made for unauthorized leave, the employee is required to reimburse the University.
      • If an employee fails to make in full or delays in making any repayment or repayment installment to the University under this policy, the employee is permanently barred from further sick leave loans.


    1. All leave hours borrowed must be repaid, including the hours paid for holidays.
    2. Upon the employee’s return to a leave accrual status, the employee must repay one hour of sick leave and one hour of annual leave per pay period during the first year following return to pay status and two hours of sick leave and two hours of annual leave per pay period during the second year and beyond until the loan is repaid.
    3. If an employee leaves the University before the leave loan has been repaid, the employee must repay the balance by direct payment.

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