Center for Democracy in Deaf America (CDDA)

CDDA is a non-partisan organization committed to developing healthy democratic skills and habits of deaf individuals by fostering disagreement, debate, and civic engagement through American Sign Language and English.

Our vision

A Deaf America in which deaf and hard of hearing people
have the knowledge, skills, values, access, and motivation to:

CDDA Goals

Debate with us

Romel Thurman

Bay Area, CA
Physical Edu. & Rec.

Lexi Hill

Tyler, TX
History & Gov.

Aubrey Moorman

Laurel, MD

Featured Article

A Milestone in Intercollegiate Debate

Gallaudet and George Washington University debate teams met in what organizers believe is the first bilingual debate conducted in American Sign Language and spoken English.

April 22, 2021

CDDA Benefits

Democracy in Deaf America

Gallaudet University

Furthers the intellectual and professional advancement
of deaf people in a rapidly changing world by building social capital, conflict resolution, critical thinking, and rhetorical skills.

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

Supports inclusive excellence by fostering active listening, critical self-reflection, and advocacy.

Deaf Gain

Illustrates the value of deaf people and deaf education to humanity by capitalizing on diversity and networks inherent in deaf communities to foster healthy skills and habits vital to American democracy.

“In this turbulent and dynamic century, our nation’s diverse democracy and interdependent global community require a more informed, engaged, and socially responsible citizenry.

Both educators and employers agree that personal and social responsibility should be core elements of a 21st century college education if our world is to thrive.”



Brendan Stern

Executive Director and Director of Debate

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Civic Health Project

Citizen University Programs

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