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Leading our next generation of students (PK-12)

The Laurent Clerc National Deaf Education Center at Gallaudet University is a federally funded center with exemplary elementary and secondary education programs for deaf and hard of hearing students.

We are tasked with developing and disseminating innovative curricula, instructional techniques, and products nationwide while providing information, training, and technical assistance for parents and professionals to meet the needs of deaf and hard of hearing students from birth to age 21.


Clerc Center Interpreting
Clerc Center Interpreting provides quality-sign language interpreting services to Clerc Center and its constituencies. This office is committed to meet the interpreting needs of the Clerc Center community by providing exemplary interpreting services and experiences.
Clerc Center Operations
Clerc Center Operations office is responsible for the underlying infrastructure of Laurent Clerc National Deaf Education Center (Clerc Center). Through their responsibilities, this office enforces and supports the institute's vision for academic and outreach standards.
Clerc Center Planning, Development, and Dissemination
The Office of Planning, Development, and Dissemination at Clerc Center focuses on three core areas: Training and Outreach, Evaluation and Research, and a Strategic Plan. These three principles allow the office to develops and disseminates training, information, and resources to educators around the country who work with deaf and hard of hearing students and their families.
Clerc Center Public Relations and Communications
The Clerc Center Public Relations and Communications team ensures important information representing Gallaudet University is communicated clearly, accurately, and professionally. The work of Public Relations and Communications can be seen in the University’s online and print work as well as any community and media engagements that involve our University.
Clerc Center Student Life
Clerc Center Student Life coordinates campus activities designed to bring enrichment to the lives of students while on campus. Programs like peer advising, Student Body Government, the Junior National Association of the Deaf, Performing Arts, after school programs, and student employment provide avenues for students to ease into the the challenging transition to collegiate life while creating lasting memories that bring a work-life balance to campus life.
Clerc Center Student Services
Clerc Center Student Services contributes to the personal development and academic growth of our students. This office is comprised of several units that work in a collaborative effort to serve our students better with programs and services that are student-centered and provide a bridge to all academic programs.

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