Leading our next generation of students (PK-12)

The Laurent Clerc National Deaf Education Center at Gallaudet University is a federally funded center with exemplary elementary and secondary education programs for deaf and hard of hearing students.

We are tasked with developing and disseminating innovative curricula, instructional techniques, and products nationwide while providing information, training, and technical assistance for parents and professionals to meet the needs of deaf and hard of hearing students from birth to age 21.


Clerc Center National Programs & Outreach

The Clerc Center National Programs & Outreach develops and disseminates training, information, and resources to educators around the country who work with deaf and hard of hearing students and their families. There are three areas of focus and collaboration for our team. Strategic plan, which...

Clerc Center Public Relations and Communications

Clerc Center Public Relations and Communications lead or support communications, including: Communications from the Vice President Various internal or institutional announcements Community engagement and media relations We support donor relations The Clerc Center Daily Coordinate photo or video shoots and permissions Online social media and...

Clerc Center Student Life

Student Life coordinates campus activities designed to bring enrichment to the lives of students while on campus. We help students create relationships and build camaraderie with fellow students that will continue long after graduation. Student Life eases the challenging transition to collegiate life while creating...

Clerc Center Student Services

Recognizing that most student hours are spent outside of the classroom, the office of Student Services contributes to the personal development and academic growth of our students through an array of high quality and comprehensive learning opportunities in a supportive campus environment. Our office consists...

Clerc Center Interpreting

Clerc Center Interpreting is a Clerc Center staff group that provides quality-sign language interpreting services to Clerc Center and its constituencies. We are here to provide comprehensive information access through exemplary interpreting services. The highest commitment of our office is to meet the interpreting needs...

Clerc Center Operations

Clerc Center Operations is responsible for the underlying infrastructure of Laurent Clerc National Deaf Education Center (Clerc Center) in full support of the institute's academic and outreach mission and vision. We oversee all operational divisions of the Kendall Demonstration Elementary School (KDES) and Model Secondary...

Meet the Team

Marianne Belsky

Chief Academic Officer

Stephen Farias

Superintendent, Demonstration Elementary and Secondary Schools

Patricia Johnson

Administrative Assistant - Clerc Center

Lori Lutz

Director, Monitoring, Evaluation, and Research

Barbara Robinson

Interim Director, National Programs and Outreach

Jill Radford

Director, National Programs and Outreach (K-12)

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Laurent Clerc National Deaf Education Center


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