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Faculty and students collaborate on innovative, interdisciplinary activities in the classroom and the lab and across the STEM fields of biology, chemistry, information technology, data science, mathematics, and public health. Students benefit from our state-of-the-art laboratories specifically designed for visual learning and communication. We provide students with an extensive portfolio of internship opportunities in industry and government and equip them with strong skills that make them qualified to pursue a variety of jobs or graduate school after Gallaudet. Students regularly engage in workshops and mentoring events to further prepare for graduate school and professional careers, connecting with a vast network of deaf and hard of hearing role mentors and alumni.


2023 Global Year of STEM Sign Language Lexicons

It will be an exciting year where we discuss the future of STEM sign langauge lexicons around the world and its impact on STEM education and careers. The year will have a series of events, and the first one was hosted on March 1-2, 2023...

Capital CoLAB

Created by the Greater Washington Partnership and brought to Gallaudet University’s campus in 2022, the Capital CoLAB project aims to fill the nation’s technology skills gap with digitally fluent college graduates. CEOs and hiring managers across the country believe students need to exit college with...

STAMP Summer Bridge Program

July 21st to August 18th, 2024. For additional information, contact us.   The School of Science, Technology, Accessibility, Mathematics, and Public Health (STAMP) Summer Bridge Program is a free four-week program held at the end of the summer, just before the start of the fall semester....


Gallaudet University’s faculty produces world-class STEM graduates. In recognition of their quality and the need to expand opportunities and access to low-income deaf and hard of hearing students, the National Science Foundation has issued a grant to fund scholarships for students pursuing a variety of...


Faculty and Staff

Daniel Lundberg

School Director

Stephen Depetro

Program Support Specialist

Derek Braun



Alicia Wooten


Associate Professor

Sara Konkel


Lecturer II

Gaurav Arora


Associate Professor

Charmaine Mendonsa

Program Support Specialist

Adebowale Ogunjirin


Associate Professor

Tugba Kucukkal


Associate Professor

Christopher Hayes


Assistant Professor

Brandt Marceaux

Laboratory Specialist

Yexin Lin


Lecturer I

Abraham Glasser

Assistant Professor

Laura Willey-Saunders

Transfer Articulation Coordinator

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