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Youth Programs
We proudly sponsor educational experiences and coordinate events that provide support and services to youth and their families. Our Youth Programs include: Academic Bowl Battle of the Books National Literary Competition Summer Youth Camps Youth Debate Bowl In providing these programs, we are creating a...
Maguire Welcome Center
The Maguire Welcome Center is a state-of-the-art, multimedia-enhanced welcome center that serves as a gateway to the Gallaudet University for thousands of visitors annually, including prospective students and their families. Our Center's construction was supported by generous donations from the Maguire Foundation, Philadelphia Insurance Companies,...


Charge Ahead Dual Enrollment (CADE)
CADE is a dual enrollment program that offers Deaf, DeafBlind, and Hard of Hearing high school students the chance to earn college credit while still in high school. The program allows students to take Gallaudet University courses concurrently with their high school teachers on their...
Online Degree
Students who have started a bachelor’s degree program may be eligible for Gallaudet’s online degree completion program. Students in online degree programs are not required to come to campus. Currently, online degrees are offered for three major field tracks: Communication Studies, Deaf Studies and Psychology.

Meet the Team

Derrick Williams

Admissions and Recruitment Systems Manager

Pia Marie Paulone

Enrollment Communications Coordinator

Avonne Brooker-Rutowski

Director, Undergraduate Admissions

Allison Gibbons

Dual Enrollment Manager



Services and Support
The Career Center and each academic department offer extensive internship opportunities. The Career Center holds job fairs and actively works to develop connections with employers, both in the United States and internationally. We offer pre-law, pre-medicine and pre-MBA programs, as well as assistance with graduate school admissions through each academic department.
We have a Math Center and English Center. We also offer study help, learning resources, and tutoring assistance through our Tutorial and Instructional Programs.
Gallaudet has an on-campus hotel, the Kellogg Conference Center, where you can make hotel reservations to stay on campus. There are also many other lodging accommodations near the campus. Please refer to the Hotels link for more information.
We provide basic internal medicine and referral services. The Student Health Service is not the primary health provider for students. Your private general practitioner is your primary healthcare provider.
In case of emergency, you can contact the Department of Public Safety to get in touch with your child.
You can pay student tuition bill online via your Bison Account or in person at the Cashiers Office located in College Hall B04.
Please refer to the detailed Housing FAQ page for questions on on-campus and off-campus housing.
Yes, please refer to the immunization requirements page for all mandatory vaccinations required for students enrolling in Gallaudet.
Common Questions
Gallaudet is a global community, home to more than 1,000 undergraduate and 500 graduate students from across the United States and worldwide. Half of our undergraduates identify themselves as part of a traditionally underrepresented group in higher education. We welcome and celebrate all types of diverse perspectives.
We provide extensive support to deaf and hard of hearing students who are new to American Sign Language (ASL). Most students say that learning ASL helps them communicate much better and understand more of what is taught in class. We offer a summer immersion program for students before their first semester, as well as interpreting and other communication access services throughout their time at Gallaudet.
Students should check the final examination schedule online before they purchase flight tickets to travel for family events or holidays. If there is a conflict, they will need to discuss it with their instructors to see if they can make up the exam. The decision is made at the instructor’s discretion. Do not expect exceptions. Plan ahead.
Grade reports are available to the student only. Parents who wish to review their child’s grade report will need to ask the student to obtain a consent form that will require signatures from both parents and students. The signed form will be kept in the student’s files. The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) Act does not allow the university to share academic-related issues with parents without the student’s consent.
The Student Health Center service fee is $50 per semester and covers an unlimited number of office visits. There is also a small fee for vaccinations and other services.
It depends on the scope of coverage of your health insurance plan. Please contact Student Financial Services to verify the coverages and waivers available for your insurance plan.
Campus Life Questions
Everything! As a diverse community and bilingual university, we work to ensure that student organizations, athletic teams, performance opportunities, campus events, academic opportunities and student services are accessible with direct, visual communication. Gallaudet brings together deaf, hard of hearing, and hearing students, faculty, and staff to create one of the most vibrant campus communities in the world.
The Department of Public Safety has an escort service and will send an officer to escort students to where they need to go on campus.
There are a variety of ways students can get around the Washington, D.C., area. Gallaudet University provides shuttle bus services to the nearest Metro stations, and there is a public bus stop at the front of Gallaudet University. Students can use Capital Bikeshare or ZipCar, or easily walk to the trendy H Street and Atlas District areas from campus.
I got in! Now what?
Our General Studies core courses will introduce you to many different fields and prepare you with the critical thinking and problem-solving skills you need for any profession or graduate study. Gallaudet academic and career advisors will also work with you to help you explore your strengths and career options.
The Family Orientation Program will provide information for parents on various academic programs, campus and student safety, residence life, and other services. There is no charge to attend this program.
Vocational Rehabilitation
Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) is a federally funded state program designed to help state residents who meet specific requirements and have disabilities get the training and education necessary to secure employment. Many deaf and hard of hearing Gallaudet students receive funding from their state VR agencies. This includes help with tuition, books, technological aids and other items.
Policies and Information
The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) is the federal law that governs the rights of students and institutional responsibilities with respect to student records. The law protects the privacy of student education records. Please check the FERPA page for more information.
Yes, the university requires that students are covered by their health insurance plan. Please see Student Financial Services for more information.
It depends on the nature and scope of the emergency. The campus Department of Public Safety is typically the first responder to campus emergencies. An ambulance or other responders may also be called.
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