Dancing, Drawing or Debating? Pursue your passions.

Art, Culture, & Competitions

Let Creation and Collaboration Grow

Gallaudet is a creative hotspot for local writers, dancers, artists and actors.

Performance Thrives at Gallaudet

Gallaudet is the world’s most prominent center for deaf and visual performing arts. We have student-led clubs and organizations that provide a space for you to freely and creatively express yourself.

Our film, theater, and dance programs are well-renowned and have produced alumni that have gone on to star in film and TV productions such as “Switched at Birth,” “Glee,” “Fargo,” the Broadway production of Deaf West’s “Spring Awakening,” and more.


Let the spirit move you – literally! The Gallaudet Dance Company is a campus staple. It never fails to lift up the community with a performance at major events on and off-campus.

Join a historic institution. The Gallaudet Dance Company celebrated its 65th anniversary in 2020.

Perform around the world. Our Dance Company has traveled to Egypt, Israel, Canada, Costa Rica, Denmark, Peru, Barbados, St. Lucia, Brazil, Guatemala, South Korea, the Bahamas, and France–just to name a few!

Discover the power of dance that uses American Sign Language (ASL). This ASL foundation encourages dancers to follow the rhythm of the music through visual cues and vibrations.

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Digital Animation and Art

Push the future of animation further with Gallaudet’s state-of-the-art facilities and world-class digital media and art instruction.
Motion Light Lab
Creative literature meets digital technology at the Motion Light Lab. Be a part of creating immersive learning experiences, with projects exploring ASL/English interfaces through visual narratives. For over ten years, the Motion Lab has studied fields including Literacy Development for Deaf Children, Interactive Learning Experiences, and Signing Avatars & 3D Landscapes.
Pigmental Studios
Pigmental Studios is an animation company that develops content for film, television, and gaming industries, including Disney, Pixar, and Dreamworks. We’re proud to be partners with Pigmental Studios since 2016 to offer on-campus courses and internship opportunities for Gallaudet students.

Competition and Culture

Our campus and our city are filled with diverse cultures and opportunities for you to explore your creativity, thrive in competition, and influence through innovation.

Debate Team

A brand new venture launched in August of 2020, Gallaudet’s debate team cultivates critical thinking, fosters tolerance for differing opinions and points of view, and polishes public speaking skills.

College Academic Bowl

Held at every NAD Conference, you can compete against other top colleges and universities in the College Academic Bowl. 

Poetry Slams

Storytellers and poets gather around. It’s time to bring the words inside your notebook to the stage. Gallaudet’s Poetry Slams let you share your creativity and talents with an engaged audience to develop and experiment in your craft.