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Scholarships & Other Options

Whether you have been building up an impressive academic portfolio for years or qualify for need-based scholarships, our Financial Aid officers are ready to support you and find the perfect opportunities to reward your achievements.

One of the most rewarding ways to pay for your college education is through Scholarships and Grants.

Scholarships and grants provide the best kind of financial aid–the kind you don’t have to pay back! While there may be overlap between these two types of support, grants are typically awarded based on financial need, while scholarships are given based on academic achievements.

Our scholarship funding comes from endowments and donations established by individuals, organizations, and the university’s general operating accounts. As soon as you complete your FAFSA, you’ll start the process of being considered for scholarships provided through Gallaudet and discover if you qualify for Federal grants.

Merit-Based Scholarship Awards

All newly admitted undergraduate are automatically considered for Merit-based scholarships by the Admissions Office. So let your ACT, SAT, and GPA scores shine as you discover up to $80,000 in scholarship awards.

Provost’s Excellence 

  • 10,000 per academic year
  • $40,000 over 4 consecutive years

Dean’s Prestige

  • 8,000 per academic year
  • $32,000 over 4 consecutive years

Academic Recognition

  • 6,000 per academic year
  • $24,000 over 4 consecutive years

Endowed Scholarships

Endowed Scholarships are a type of need-based scholarship provided through donors and the University’s endowment. For these scholarships, the Financial Aid Office can offer awards directly through your application for financial aid (FAFSA), in addition to assisting you with opportunities from other University offices or individuals.

Complete your FAFSA and the Institutional Financial Aid Application (IFAA) to ensure you’re considered to receive an Endowed Scholarship award.

Scholarships for International Students

International Students become eligible to apply for scholarships after their first year of study. Whether you receive Gallaudet Endowments or outside opportunities, we’re ready to support you.

Number Scholarship Fund

Sharon Trout-Atalig Memorial Scholarship Fund

Vilas M. Johnson, Jr., '59, International Scholarship Fund

Additional Scholarship options

Always be on the lookout for more scholarship opportunities outside of Gallaudet. Here are a few resources to get you started!