Barrier-Free Communication. Always.

Bilingual Advantage

ASL and English Bilingualism

Immerse yourself in Gallaudet’s fully bilingual environment with American Sign Language (ASL) and English. No other university compares with our Bilingual Advantage.

Participate with faculty on innovative research projects.
Find fulfilling work on and off-campus with university resources.
Have confidence knowing you can start up a conversation with anyone.
Make connections that will last beyond graduation.
Get involved as an active member of our diverse and multicultural community.
Connect with international deaf and signing communities abroad.

Push yourself in a sports or intramural team.

Join clubs and campus activities to be part of a vibrant campus life.

No matter your background – you're welcome here

You don’t have to be the perfect signer to be welcomed into the Gallaudet community.
We’re committed to a climate of success.

New and Emerging Signers

If you are a new or emerging signer, know that you are welcome. As a member of the Gallaudet community, you will be fully supported in your ASL learning and improvement efforts from day one to graduation.

Never Stop Learning

It takes all of us working together to create a barrier-free environment on our campus. All community members commit to being lifelong learners–always ready to improve and grow in their ASL communication and knowledge.

Through a cutting-edge technology and environmental design called DeafSpace, our campus fosters a language-rich learning environment.

So whether you’re inside or outside of the classroom, you’ll experience the confidence that comes with modeling and building communication habits in ASL and English.

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The Research Speaks for Itself

Discover the innovative research happening on our campus, proving that a bilingual approach enhances learning compared to learning in a single language.

Learn More About Research at Gallaudet

ASL Myths

Are there any myths you have heard–maybe from your very own doctor–about acquiring bilingual language skills in American Sign Language and English? We teamed up with the National Association of the Deaf to bust ASL myths.

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