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Enrollment is just a way of saying how many people are involved in your study. It’s inherited from the federal regulations.

It’s up to the researcher(s) which format they’d like to use for consent and other forms. Whichever format they use, they must be stored for up to three years after the completion of the project. If electronic versions are used, researchers must describe how they’re keeping them secure in the consent forms.

Cayuse Human Ethics

Upload the files to your Google Drive or OneDrive to a single folder and share that folder with us as a link. Please keep that folder active as long as your project is active.

The Cayuse system is set to send notices of IRB approval expiration starting 60 days in advance of expiration, and once every two weeks thereafter. Those reminders continue going out even after a renewal submission has been created. Their behavior is tied directly to the expiration date of the study and so those notifications will continue to go out until the review on the renewal is complete.

You can only delete a study on Cayuse Human Ethics if you have not submitted an initial submission for it. If a submission has already been submitted, you will need to submit a “Withdrawal” submission. Please see our guide on how to delete a study in Cayuse Human Ethics.

There is a “RETURN TO INVESTIGATORS” button you can hit to send the application back to the student, and reopen it. This can be found on the submission details page. You or the student could then make changes. (Unfortunately, you can’t make comments in the application for the student.)

Your email address is likely different on CITI, please ensure you set your Gallaudet email address as a PRIMARY email address on CITI. Once it is set to your Gallaudet email, Cayuse Human Ethics will pick it up.

If you submit a complete application (all details are complete and clear), an exempt review can take about two weeks. Applications that involve more than minimal risk or vulnerable groups can take longer since it may require discussion with the reviewer(s), modifications of your protocols, attending a convened IRB meeting, and so forth. Be sure to plan ahead. We recommend two months or more before you need to start collecting data. Also, if your submission is incomplete, this can hold up the process.

To add a faculty as your sponsor, please select co-principal investigator/sponsor and use people finder to find a faculty who is sponsoring you. The faculty sponsor is required to approve/certify your research.

No – they have to get a Gallaudet Sponsor and the sponsor has to submit for them. External researchers can be listed as unaffiliated key personnel in your Cayuse Human Ethics submission. They will not be able to access Gallaudet Cayuse Human Ethics directly but you can save a copy of the PDF and share that with them.

Cayuse Human Ethics is accessible through single-sign-on with your Gallaudet credentials. If you are a student and using the system for the first time. staff, or new faculty member please request an account. Existing faculty have been pre-loaded into the Cayuse Human Ethics system.

Gallaudet Cayuse Human Ethics is available to Gallaudet faculty, staff, and students.

You can contact us with any questions.

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