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The Office of the Dean for Academic & Career Success strives to strengthen programs and services by integrating effective student success practices and evidence-based decision-making. 

We are dedicated to providing opportunities and guidance for students, staff, faculty, and administrators to engage as lifelong learners that contribute to their success at Gallaudet and beyond.

We accomplish this by guiding student success, financial aid, academic and career guidance, continuous improvement through assessment and data collection and analyses, proper maintenance of academic records, and compliance with federal and state regulations and accreditation standards.


Financial Aid
The Financial Aid Office makes college education possible. We provide all financial information, services, aids, and resources for eligible students seeking an undergraduate or graduate degree from Gallaudet. To do this, we offer as many opportunities for financial assistance as possible. Internal financial resources, such...
Office for Career Success
The Office of Career Success (OCS) aims to promote and strengthen Gallaudet’s career ecosystem involving students, faculty and employers with a particular focus on diversity, inclusion, equity and accessibility. Career education and professional development targeting career readiness will continue to be delivered through a transformative...
Office of the Registrar
The Registrar’s Office is home to the university’s academic records. The registrar maintains student academic progress from the moment they step on campus. If a student has questions about course enrollment, grades, academic status, transfer credits, or graduation readiness, they should make an appointment. The...
Office for Students with Disabilities
The Office for Students with Disabilities, known as “OSWD," is here to provide qualified students with disabilities the support they need to succeed through equal access to education and academic activities. To do this, we approve reasonable accommodations, provide services, and create a welcoming and...
Student Success
Student Success works in partnership with key offices across campus to provide students with academic, career, and psycho-social support. We welcome and orient families and undergraduate students to a variety of changes they can expect as they transition into campus life. Student Success also offers...


Testing Services
We offer standardized testing services on campus throughout the year for students and prospective students. ACT This is an entrance exam used by many colleges and universities, including Gallaudet University. This standardized test is a multiple choice and pencil-and-paper test administered by trained staff on...

Meet the Team

Robert Sanchez

Interim Dean, Academic and Career Success

Jerri Dorminy

Director, Student Success

Doryann Barnhardt

Director, Financial Aid

Felicia Davis

Administrative Assistant

Jeffrey Shaumeyer

Office of Students With Disabilities Coordinator

Karen Terhune

Manager, Office of Students With Disabilities

Elice Patterson


Julie Tibbitt

Director, Career Success

Mary Perrodin-Singh

Academic and Career Success Advisor


Contact Us

Academic & Career Success

Felicia Davis

JSAC 1225



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