BisonTank Competition

Student / Alumni Entrepreneurship

GIEI annually hosts BisonTank Business Competition. This competition offers an opportunity to build on their creativity and entrepreneurial spirit as well as mindset required to be successful Changemakers. As well, it offers students the opportunity to explore ways to give back to the community through their innovative ideas.

BisonTank Competition

Creating a Culture of Entrepreneurship

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GIEI is a place where Gallaudet students can dream, try, fail, and try again – the world’s only business incubator offered in American Sign Language and English. Delivering background knowledge and experience that complements the skills and motivations of young entrepreneurs, the next generation of deaf CEOs, thought leaders, and change agents are grown right here.

Through contributions from Gallaudet University, private donors, and charitable foundations, GIEI provides an extensive range of programming for students, including:

  • Mentorship opportunities: pairing aspiring young entrepreneurs with experienced professionals.
  • Incubation programming: helping students turn business ideas into reality.
  • Co-working spaces: minimizing overhead expenses for start-up business ventures.
  • Entrepreneurship education that goes beyond the four walls of a classroom
  • Showcase competitions like BisonTank, where students pitch a business plan and win cash prizes to fund their business ideas

Donation & Sponsorship Opportunities


Donate to the Gallaudet Innovation & Entrepreneurship Institute

Please join us in giving to the Gallaudet Innovation & Entrepreneurship Institute.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Planting the Seeds of the Deaf Ecosystem

Our efforts are made possible thanks to Gallaudet’s committed network of alumni, partners, and other generous community members like you.

Taking Entrepreneurship by the Horns

One of the most visible programs on campus, BisonTank is attended by hundreds of students, faculty, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and Gallaudet alumni each year. Show your company’s commitment to the Deaf Ecosystem by becoming a BisonTank sponsor! To sponsor BisonTank 2023, please contact us. $25,000...



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Gallaudet Innovation and Entrepreneurship Institute Director

Lorenzo Lewis

GIEI Coordinator

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