University Capstone Honors for Online Degree Completion Program

The Gallaudet Honors Program is a learning community for the most academically capable and motivated students. The overall goal is to foster skills, work habits, and attitudes conducive to future achievement and lifelong learning. To this end, the program focuses on rigorous, challenging, and innovative interdisciplinary curricular offerings as well as connections between curricular and co-curricular activities such as service learning and civic life. The successes of the program’s innovations may be replicated for all students. Students are considered in good standing in the Honors Program if they have a cumulative GPA of 3.2 or greater or a semester GPA of 3.2 or greater for those returning to good standing. A cumulative GPA of 3.4 is required for graduation.

Students in good standing have active status. New students also are considered active during their first semester although they do not have a GPA yet. Students who are on probation for one semester because their cumulative GPA has fallen below 3.2 are still considered to have active status for this purpose.

ODCP students are eligible for University Capstone Honors.

University Capstone Honors (12 credits)

Upper Level Honors Option Contracts (minimum 6 Honors Credits):

Honors students must complete Honors Option Contracts in two upper level courses. These are typically 300 or 400 level courses with some exceptions made for courses at the 200 level that are not introductory courses. Upper level contracts will be taken in courses related to disciplines supporting their eventual capstone project goals. Courses taken at other Consortium member institutions or Graduate courses may be substituted for these requirements with the approval of the Honors Director. A grade of B or better is required in all of the HON courses listed below; if not, courses must be retaken assuming good standing. For graduation, a minimum overall cumulative GPA of 3.4 is required.

University Honors Capstone Courses (6 Honors Credits):

The following sequence of courses should be taken starting the Spring semester the year before anticipated graduation in order to complete the Honors Capstone. Honors Capstone completion includes a public presentation and final approval by the Honors Council.

HON 487 – Proposal for University Honors Capstone – 3 credits
HON 488 – University Honors Capstone Progress – 1 credit
HON 489 – University Honors Capstone Completion – 2 credits
Total: 12 University Capstone Honors Credits.

Note: Students graduating with University Honors will also be expected to give a presentation to the campus community on their Capstone project. Those students who have met the requirements will have “University Honors” noted on their transcripts and a gold seal placed on their diplomas.

Sample Plan:

Semester 1 or 8-week 1
  • One upper level course with an Honors Option Contract
Semester 2 or 8-week 2
  • One upper level course with an Honors Option Contract
Semester 3 (spring)
Semester 4 (fall)
Semester 5 (spring)
  • HON 489
  • Completed University Honors Capstone approved by the Honors Council

Admissions to the Honors Program:

Students will be asked to interview with the program director and will be asked to supply information to justify their admission to the program.  For more information, contact

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University Capstone Honors for Online Degree Completion Program

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