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International Relations (IR) seeks opportunities to meet global challenges facing deaf and hard of hearing people. IR builds global partnerships that incorporate Gallaudet’s values and harness the power of transnational learning and exchange. 

IR advances Gallaudet’s standing as the key source for improving life for a full spectrum of global Deaf identities in the following ways:

  • Teaming with University constituents to assess worldwide opportunities and facilitate mutually beneficial cooperative agreements with foreign entities, using a cross-campus committee called G.O.A.L. (Global Opportunity Assessing League) 
  • Serving as a “global knowledge hub” by hosting campus dialogue on issues of importance, and maintaining a Global Knowledge Base with in-depth information about nations of interest.
  • Implementing strategic planning and policy development that enhances internationalization, such as global recruiting and curricular enrichment.


Global Partnerships
Gallaudet University promotes opportunities to share knowledge with universities around the globe through formal agreements including student exchange and technical cooperation. Gallaudet has Memorandums of Understanding, or cooperative agreements with the following institutions: Gallaudet in Nigeria Africa (GAIN) - A groundbreaking program in partnership with...
International Strategic Visitors Program
The International Strategic Visitor Program (ISVP) strives to develop international partnerships through student recruiting and academic exchanges between Gallaudet and selected international visitors. The program is overseen by the Office of International Affairs, which works with the offices of the university President, Provost, Faculty, and...

Meet the Team

Alim Chandani

International Relations Manager

Danilo Torres

International Liaison Coordinator


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International Relations

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Building 103 #203

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