Mission: Through the lens of equity, the Office of the General Counsel serves the best interests of Gallaudet University by protecting and maximizing its legal rights, mitigating risk, and supporting a culture of compliance and accountability.

Services: The OGC is responsible for all legal aspects of Gallaudet’s activities and provides counsel on a wide range of issues including: labor and employment, contract drafting and review, student matters (K-12 and post-secondary), risk mitigation and management, litigation, privacy, compliance, and policy.

The OGC does not provide personal representation to any individual employee or student. The attorneys in the OGC are fluent in American Sign Language and are licensed to practice law in the following jurisdictions: District of Columbia, Maryland, and Texas.

For questions or requests related to Gallaudet’s legal affairs, including subpoenas and service of process, please contact Debra Patkin, Associate General Counsel or Faye Kuo, Deputy General Counsel.

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Faye Kuo

Interim General Counsel

Debra Patkin

Associate General Counsel

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Office of the General Counsel

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