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Appendix A: Unallowable Expense Account Code

The following table lists University expense account codes related to federally unallowable costs. They must always be used to facilitate compliance with federal regulations. Account Number Account Description 5222 Travel-Departmental 5251 Vehicle Repair and Maintenance Reimbursement 5261 Vehicle Insurance/Registration 5265 Transportation-Driver Costs 5271 Miscellaneous Transport...

Special or Non Degree Students

Become part of the Gallaudet family & gain a one-of-a-kind academic experience in one of our special or non-degree academic programs.

Privacy Policy

Last updated August 18, 2022This privacy notice for Gallaudet University ("University," "we," "us," or "our"), describes how and why we might collect, store, use, and/or share ("process") your information when you use our services ("Services"), such as when you:Visit our website at, or any website of ours...


Get the most out of your financial aid from Gallaudet by filling out your FAFSA as soon as October 1 in your senior year of high school.


Explore 40 degree programs to find the perfect fit for you with support from Gallaudet University's undergraduate admissions staff.

Library and Archives

Explore resources & discover world-leading research at the Gallaudet University Library and the University Archives.

Transfer Students

Transfer students of all backgrounds call Gallaudet home. Whether you are a new or fluent signer, a comprehensive academic experience awaits.

The University online directory provides contact information for all Gallaudet university faculty and staff

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