Appendix A: Unallowable Expense Account Code

The following table lists University expense account codes related to federally unallowable costs. They must always be used to facilitate compliance with federal regulations.

Account Number Account Description
5222 Travel-Departmental
5251 Vehicle Repair and Maintenance Reimbursement
5261 Vehicle Insurance/Registration
5265 Transportation-Driver Costs
5271 Miscellaneous Transport Reimbursement
5361 Repairs
5363 Glass Replacement and Related Charges
5372 Exhibits
5373 Advertisement
5374 Publicity
5381 Entertainment
5461 Royalties
5462 Advance Royalties
5512 Food Service-University
5513 Food Service-Northwest
5516 Food Service-MSSD
5517 Food Service-KDES
5541 Contract Management-Conference Center
5542 Conference Center-Manager Fee
5561 Insurance (Non-Vehicle)
6118 Cap and Gowns
6303 Bad Debt Expense

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