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The International Special Student (ISS) program at Gallaudet University is designed to meet the individual needs of students from outside the U.S. at the undergraduate or graduate levels by allowing them to take credit or non-credit courses for up to one year. Although this is a non-degree program, it is a viable option for students to prepare for entering a college degree program. To start your application process, students at both the undergraduate and graduate levels should visit the admissions page.

Program Outcomes

The ISS operates out of an ambition to help international students achieve their personal and professional goals. Our liberal arts curriculum lets students develop their skills in a barrier-free environment while being prepared for vital roles in the globalizing world. Through designated mentorships, students will be matched with a faculty member specifically skilled in the student’s area of interest to lead them through the program and onto paths of success.


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International Special Student (ISS) Program

Mona McCubbin

Building 103 #101/102

(202) 250-2294

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