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Thank you for considering an application to the International Special Student (ISS) program. This truly unique study opportunity is for people from outside the United States who are interested in attending Gallaudet for up to one year.

To apply, please read through and follow the steps for admission below, including the instructions on how to complete the application and accompanying forms. It is important that you read all directions carefully.

After completing the application, be sure to include financial certification forms and the $100 application fee. You will need to provide documents that demonstrate proof of adequate financial resources for your stay at Gallaudet. U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services regulations require these for an international student applicant to obtain a student visa.

We welcome your application, and we are available to assist you through the process. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Application Instructions

We need the following items to consider you for admission to the ISS program at Gallaudet University. Please carefully review each section to be sure that you have included every document. Your application cannot be reviewed until all items on the list are received. We recommend that you make a photocopy of your application forms, documents, and essays for your records.

All academic records and supporting documents must be official. If only one original is available, a copy that has been attested to or certified by the institution may be submitted. If an original document is not in English, a certified, literal English translation must accompany the original.

Deadline: A completed ISS Application Form and supporting documents must be received by April 1 for enrollment in the fall semester (starts in August) and October 1 for enrollment in the spring semester (starts in January). Our academic calendars are online.

Part 1: Personal and Academic Documentation

  • Application Type: Please complete questions
  • International Information: Please complete questions and steps
  • Official Identification and Documents: Required by U.S. regulations. These are also used to determine whether the applicant is qualified for developing nation tuition rates:
    • Passport identification page
    • Visa stamp in passport
    • I-94 card (both sides) or copy of the automated form if you are already in the United States.
    • Form DS-2019 or I-20 or other immigration document (both sides), if you are already in the United States.
  • Personal Information: Please complete questions
  • Contact Information: Please complete questions
  • Educational Information: Please complete questions
  • Official Secondary School Transcript or Diploma: An official record must be submitted, showing that you have completed an accredited secondary school equivalent to that of a U.S. high school
  • Official Postsecondary Transcript: If you are currently attending a university or have completed a degree program from a university, you must submit an official record or transcript of all your current and previous academic coursework
  • Other Information: Please complete questions
  • Language Information: Please complete questions
  • Statement of Goals: Answer the three questions asked in the Statement of Goals section of the application. You may use separate paper, if necessary.
  • English-Language Test Results: Please provide copies of ACT (for undergraduate-level applicants), Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) (for graduate-level applicants), or acceptable alternative testing results
  • Two Letters of Recommendation: Must be submitted from teachers, school administrators, employers, or community leaders. These letters must describe your academic motivation, leadership potential, and your ability to succeed in a challenging college environment.

Part 2: Certification of Finances Form

Please go to the ISSP Certification of Finances page for financial instructions and forms. The form and related documents are required along with your application.

Part 3: Payment of fees

  • Application Fee ($100, nonrefundable): Payable by credit card only, through this form.
  • Admission Fee ($100): This is required after your application has been processed and evaluated and you have been accepted for admission. To make the payment, please use the same form as for the Application Fee.

EEO Statement: Gallaudet University is an equal opportunity employer/educational institution and does not discriminate based on race, hearing status, disability, religion, color, national origin, age, sex, covered veterans status, marital status, personal appearance, sexual orientation, family responsibilities, matriculation, political affiliation, source of income, place of business or residence, pregnancy, childbirth, or any other unlawful basis.

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International Special Student (ISS) Program

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