Our Biology programs include two undergraduate degrees and a minor for students interested in discovering the fundamental knowledge of the living world. The study of biology has grown rapidly and become increasingly cross-disciplinary in recent years. As such, our faculty has proved versatile and committed to providing the best curriculum and experiential opportunities possible. In turn, each student will possess the knowledge and laboratory skills they need to excel in this exciting, ever-evolving field.

Areas of Study


B.A. in Biology

The B.A. degree program is designed for majors who are seeking employment in the field immediately after college or as a second major for education majors who aim to become...

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B.S. in Biology

The Bachelor of Science degree in biology is designed for students who want a more intensive background in the sciences. It is especially tailored for students who aspire for graduate...

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Minor in Biology

Students must complete Principles of Biology for Science Majors I and II (BIO 107, 108) with a grade of C or better before declaring a minor in biology.

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B.A. / B.S. in Education - Science Specialization (CHE, BIO, MATH)

Students who are majoring in biology, chemistry, and mathematics can also work their way toward full licensure in teaching and working with students in grades 6-12.


Center for Science and Technology Research (CSTR)

Home to an array of multimillion-dollar laboratories specifically designed for deaf scientists, the Center for Science and Technology Research (CSTR) is a beacon on the Gallaudet University campus. Here, students work side-by-side with world-class deaf faculty across a variety of disciplines including Molecular Genetics, Ecology,...


Gallaudet Pre-Med Track

Gallaudet University’s Pre-Medicine Track will give you the advantage in preparing for medical, dental, pharmacy, veterinary, or other health-related careers. Gallaudet pre-med students most often major in Biology or Chemistry. You will benefit from: Specialized one-on-one advising The full range of courses needed as prerequisites...


Students who graduate from our Biology programs will have completed a rigorous program of study while experiencing life in a bilingual environment. Program graduates will be competent in the use of modern biological techniques and in the analysis, interpretation, and presentation of data.

All of the academic experience creates students who are comfortable and excel in challenging environments. Students will be able to grow and adapt their skills in diverse professional environments.

Academically, students will have had the experience that allows them to do all of the following:

  • Describe living systems, including their nature, organization, and evolution
  • Apply methods of scientific inquiry in biology
  • Describe how human activities affect the living world and the physical environment
  • Describe the flow of energy and matter within and among organisms
  • Explain the historical context of biological discoveries
  • Evaluate information by discriminating between science and non-science
  • Evaluate and interpret quantitative data using the scientific method
  • Practice safety and proper techniques in the laboratory
  • Write accurately and clearly about biology topics
  • Explain why science is an integral activity for addressing social and environmental problems

Faculty and Staff

Daniel Lundberg

School Director

Cara Gormally


Derek Braun


Alicia Wooten

Associate Professor

Caroline Solomon

Dean, Faculty

Sara Konkel

Lecturer II

Gaurav Arora

Associate Professor

Adebowale Ogunjirin

Associate Professor

Brandt Marceaux

Laboratory Specialist


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