Areas of Study


Our Interpretation and Translation programs prepare hearing, deaf, and hard of hearing students to work as interpreters in various settings including medical, educational, business, mental health, and legal interactions. Our programs provide an interdisciplinary approach to interpretation, accompanied by a state-of-the-art interpreting laboratory and extensive fieldwork. Graduates build a firm foundation of fluency in ASL and English, interpreting ethics and best practices, deaf culture, and communication skills.

Areas of Study


B.A. in Interpretation

The BA program focuses on face-to-face, interactive, community interpreting, and thus a dialogic approach to interpreting. Students apply for admission to the BA in Interpretation major as freshmen or after...

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M.A. in Interpretation: Combined Interpreting Practice and Research

The concentration in Combined Interpreting Practice and Research is designed to prepare and educate Deaf, hard of hearing, and hearing persons in working as interpreters in Deaf and hearing communities....

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M.A. in Interpretation: Interpreting Research

The concentration in Interpreting Research is designed to educate Deaf, hard of hearing, and hearing persons who have demonstrated competence in interpreting and who wish to further their education and...

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Ph.D. in Translation and Interpreting Studies

The Department of Interpretation and Translation offers a Ph.D. in Translation and Interpreting Studies with a focus on American Sign Language-English Interpretation. This program is available for experienced interpreters who...

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Center for the Advancement of Interpreting and Translation Research
The Center for the Advancement of Interpreting and Translation Research (CAITR) is an initiative within Gallaudet University's Interpretation and Translation programs whose role is to cultivate resources, gather information, and encourage collaborations that advance research on signed language interpreting and translation. The CAITR does all...



Faculty and Staff

Helen Thumann

School Director

Paul Harrelson

Assistant Professor

Pamela Collins

Assistant Professor

Emily Shaw

Associate Professor

Danielle Hunt

Associate Professor

Campbell McDermid

Associate Professor


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Interpretation and Translation

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