Gallaudet Technology Services (GTS) offers essential resources, end-user training, and support to serve both the academic and administrative technological needs of Gallaudet students, faculty, and staff. GTS also supports the Laurent Clerc National Deaf Education Center.

GTS aspires to be data-driven, trusted providers who will be growth-oriented partners and operate responsively and reliably.

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Information Security

Information Security ensures compliance with security regulations and best practices.

Technology Infrastructures and Applications

Technology Infrastructures and Applications maintains efficient and reliable data and communications network systems and hardware

Academic and End-User Support

Academic and End-User Support provides direct support through the eLearning Center, Client Support Services and Media and Classroom Support.


Operations supports all GTS functions including the IT Service Desk as the first point of contact for most technology-related issues.

Enterprise Information Systems

Enterprise Information Systems manages centralized information systems and ensures the security and integrity of sensitive data as it is exchanged with other software systems.

Projects and Portfolio Management

Technology is a constantly changing and evolving aspect of the academic world. We’re here to help faculty and staff stay up-to-date and well-equipped by offering the best tools and services possible. Here, you can review the status of active or proposed projects. GTS collaborates with...

Meet the Team

Dominic Lacy

Chief Operating Officer

Daryl Frelich

Director, Enterprise Information Systems

Shirley Hack-McCafferty

Administrative Assistant

Jared Evans

Information Security Officer

Cary Barbin

Director, Infrastructure and Applications

Harold Barretto

Applications Administrator

Bernadine Bertrand

Director, Information Technology Operations

James Bushor

Applications Administrator

Min Cho

Service Desk Specialist

Jay Scotton

Information Technology Manager

Jonas Scotton

Client Support Technician

Pengwen Shao

Network Administrator

Hatim Vali

Senior Data Center Manager

Laura Washington

Administrative Support Specialist - Gallaudet

Jeffrey Whitaker

Applications Manager

Shannon Augustine

Senior Project Manager

Rick Baker

Director, Information Technology Projects

Mathew Mills

Senior Client Support Technician

Maria Petrova-Margason

Project Manager

Audrey Pope

Fulfillment and Inventory Coordinator

Darlene Prickett

Communications & Personnel Coordinator

Sean Hourihan

Senior Project Manager

Xian Huang

Client Support Technician

Richard Jones

Senior Service Desk Specialist

Wayland Joyner

Associate Network Administrator

Seung Kim

Integrations Administrator

Yoel Krigsman

Applications Administrator

Jacquelyn Lally

Director, Academic and End-User Technologies

Suzy McKenzie

Senior Project Manager

Jason Duerstock

Network Architect

Joshua Scotton

End-User Services Coordinator

Lori Koch

IT Business Relationship Manager

Brian Van Bavel

Multimedia Technician



Common Questions

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Other FAQs

The IT Service Desk has a dashboard to show the status of our various services. If there is an outage or an issue, you’ll see it there. If there is no outage and you are experiencing a problem, please Submit a Ticket.

*Note: You will need to log into the IT Service Desk to view the dashboard.

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