Jeffrey Whitaker

Applications Manager

Technology Services

202/250-2236 (videophone)


Born and raised in Tennessee, Jeffrey now lives in Maryland and works for Gallaudet University in Washington, DC. Since 1996, his job responsibility changes from Audio-Visual Media staff, to Classrooms & Labs coordinator, as the manager of Academic Computing, Web Programming & Video Systems Support, Software Systems and Engineering, and then now as Project Manager in GTS Projects and Development Services. He attended Tennessee School for the Deaf. He now holds a degree in TV, Film & Photography at Gallaudet University. His educational and experience backgrounds include computers, variety of media technology, applications and system servers.

Before working for Gallaudet Univeristy, he worked as computer technician and programming at US Patent & Trademark Office and Department of Energy and some jobs to support his needs while studying in college.

B.A., Gallaudet University, Television, Film & Photography, 1997

Note: My primary work VideoPhone is a Sorensen device.
My alternative work VP, 202-601-9906, is a Purple device.

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Jeffrey Whitaker


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