Applicants to Gallaudet University from outside the United States (“international students”) are responsible for securing funding to cover their education costs, including tuition, room, board, fees, transportation, and personal expenses. Per U.S. regulation, applicants must prove that they have sufficient funding (certification of finance conducted by Gallaudet University’s ISSS team).

To help you find funding, here are some suggestions:  

Search for Scholarships A comprehensive scholarship search engine with filters for international students.
Going Merry: Scholarship search engine with a focus on unique and niche scholarships.
Fastweb: A popular scholarship search engine with filters for international students.


List of Scholarships

From your government (possibly): Ask your government about available scholarships, grants, or loans that support their citizens in participating in study abroad opportunities. 

***Note: If you know of other scholarships for international students, please inform us by email at here. Thank you!***


From Gallaudet 

*Gallaudet International Student funding (partial)

Provides limited financial assistance to qualified deaf international students who are enrolled in a degree program at Gallaudet to help ensure they have the financial means to complete their degree and graduate. (Non-degree students are not eligible.)

*After being accepted at Gallaudet you should contact ISSS to fill out the application for an international student scholarship by emailing  here

***Note: Please be aware that due to Gallaudet’s limited amount of funds for international student scholarships, they cannot be considered as the primary source of funding for your educational costs.*** 

World Deaf Leadership Scholarship (WDL)

The WDL Scholarship, funded by the Nippon Foundation of Japan, supports deaf leaders from developing nations to attend Gallaudet. WDL is a highly competitive scholarship offered every 2-3 years. The scholarship covers tuition, room, board, and medical insurance, and provides an annual stipend for expenses such as books, supplies, laundry service, personal products, and local transportation. Website:


From Canada

  • StudentAid BC – British Columbia, Canada

    StudentAid BC helps with the cost of post-secondary education through student loans, grants, and scholarships. It also has programs that help with loan repayment. Website:

  • Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP) – Ontario, Canada

    OSAP has a combination of grants and loans for eligible students from Ontario, Canada, to provide them with tuition assistance at Gallaudet. Before OSAP assesses an applicant’s eligibility for funding, Gallaudet is required to complete a document providing OSAP with information about education-related costs using the Program Information Form (PIF). Website:

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