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Leadership Dedicated to You

As an institution with a rich history of transformation for more than 150 years, Gallaudet has driven political, social, and economic impact in the signing and deaf community.

Roberta J. Cordano, President

* Roberta J. Cordano is Gallaudet’s 11th president. Appointed in 2016, Cordano is the university’s fourth deaf president, the first female president, and the first openly identified member of the LGBTQA community.

Deaf-Led Leadership

The Office of the President and its executive leadership collaborate with each other to accomplish The Gallaudet Promise and ensure that the institution’s priorities and vision are carried out effectively.

The Office of the President

Paving the way for Gallaudet’s future.

Roberta Cordano


Kristine Gauna

Executive Support Specialist

Heather Harker

Chief of Staff

Senda Benaissa

Special Assistant to the President

Kati Mitchell

Special Assistant to the President

Laureen Obermiller

Operations Director

Karen Inman

Supervisor, Operations

Susan Jacoby

Executive Director

Oluyinka Fakunle

Executive Assistant

Rodney Burford

Administrative/Operations Support

Kim Bianco Majeri

Board of Trustees Liaison

Academic Affairs

Academic excellence for all.

Jeffrey Lewis

Interim Provost

Tiffanee Barnes

Project Manager

Nicole Bradford

Operations Coordinator

Lucy Upah

Administrative Assistant

Jennifer Powers

Director of Operations

Helen Thumann

Professor/School Director

Caroline Solomon

Professor/School Director

Charles Reilly

Executive Director, International Affairs

Emilia Chukwuma

Associate Professor/School Director

Khadijat Rashid

Dean of Faculty

Robert Sanchez

Interim Dean, Academic and Career Success

Glenn Lockhart

Executive Director

Poorna Kushalnagar

Special Assistant to Provost Research

Daniel Koo

Professor/School Director

Amy Malm

Associate Dean, University Library and Museum

Reed Gershwind

Budget and Finance Manager

Azeb Visco

Student Assistant

ASL And English Bilingualism

Raising the standard–two languages at a time.

Laurene Simms

Interim Chief Bilingual Officer

Scott DeLoach

Software Engineering Manager

Deborah Duren

Manager, American Sign Language Development

Suzanne Stecker

Executive Director, Product Management

Deborah Peterson

Senior ASL Diagnostician

Christopher Brawner

ASL Language Specialist

Janel Schmidt

ASL Language Specialist

Pauline Spanbauer

ASL Language Specialist

Mechelle Tarbox

Associate American Sign Language Diagnostician

Angela Trahan

ASL Language Specialist

Kami Padden

User Experience Designer

Pamela Macias

ASL Language Specialist

Carla Masi

ASL Language Specialist

Sharon Matthews

ASL Language Specialist

Lauren Hostovsky

ASL Language Specialist

Jacob Thornton

BEI Student Assistant

Ardavan Guity

Graduate Assistant

Claudia Giordano

Family Resources Coordinator

Eve Wood-Jacobowitz

Summer Bilingual Programs Coordinator

Tiffany Narciso

ASL Language Specialist

Monica Keller

Assistant to the Language Planning and Policy Counsel

Krystina Ho

Project Manager

Wanda Hoshina

Administrative Assistant

Vijay Advani

American Sign Language Educator

Jose Velasquez

ASL Language Specialist

Christena Griffin

ASL Language Specialist

Christy Hennessey

ASL Language Specialist

LaDonna Snyder

ASL Language Specialist

Barbara Eger-Klatt

ASL Language Specialist

Lissette Molina

Summer Bilingual Programs Coordinator

Domencia Casertano

Other (One Time Payment)

Equity, Diversity, And Inclusion

Promoting belonging and equity for all.

Elizabeth Moore

Interim Chief Diversity Officer

Jeremy Brunson

Executive Director, DEDI

Student Affairs

Providing a top-notch student experience.

Travis Imel

Dean, Student Affairs

Eyob Zerayesus

Associate Dean, Student Experience and Engagement

Jennifer Little

Project Manager

Eyob Zerayesus

Associate Dean, Student Experience and Engagement

Warren Keller

Director, Athletics

Tyler Naeyaert

Media Specialist

Kailyn Aaron-Lozano

Event Planner

Wolfgang Staley

Media Specialist

Haley Freedman

Operations Specialist

Marketing, Communications, and Undergraduate Admissions

Bringing the world to Gallaudet.

Brandi Rarus

Chief Communications and Admissions Officer

Bryce Chapman

Executive Director, Marketing and Experience

John Serrano

Executive Director

Bilal Chinoy

Creative Manager

Robert Weinstock

Senior Public Relations Manager

Elise Nye

Senior Internal Communications Manager

Smitha Hanumantha

Operations Manager

Institutional Advancement

Building relationships for Gallaudet’s future.

Nicholas Gould

Executive Director, Institutional Advancement

Rebecca Rydstrom

Director, Alumni Engagement

Deborah Edwards

Director, Advancement Operations

Allison Polk

Director, Corporate and Foundation Relations


Operations and technology to support the bilingual experience.

Dominic Lacy

Chief Operating Officer

Kelly Fournier

Executive Assistant (COO)

James Cromer

Senior Cross Divisional Manager

Jennifer Tuell

Accessibility Resources Coordinator

Christina Shen-Austin

Executive Director

Earl Parks

Executive Director

Davina Kwong Yu

Executive Director

Elizabeth Brading

Executive Director

Caitlin Smith


Jennifer Heiser

Change Management Coordinator

Samuel Swiller

Senior Real Estate Manager

Tabitha Jacques

Placemaking Director


Ensuring Gallaudet’s financial stability, sustainability, and growth.

Brad Hermes

Chief Financial Officer

Crystal Harris

Director, Student Financial Services

Tracy Berman-Kagan


Aldo Cornejo

Senior Accountant

Stephen DaSilva

Assistant Controller

Jamie Lafady

Student Financial Services Manager

Kenneth Grazier

Executive Assistant

Lyndsey Cox

Associate Accountant

Tianqi Zhou


Fritz Ann Divina

Financial Services Specialist

Solimar Aponte-Huertas

Student Worker

Rajena Guettler

Student Assistant

Mekayla Walker

Financial Services Specialist

Cassie Friday

Accounting Intern

Courtney Skjeveland

Accounting Asst

Anley Cardozo

SFS Assistant

Kenneth Kennedy

Student Assistant

Danielle Fisher

FWS – Student Assistant

Zachary Wade

Student Assistant

Tysha Battle

Financial Planning and Analysis Director

Sarah Iwamoto

Associate Accountant