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The University Marketing and Experience office focuses on creative, video, social, customer relationship management, automation, enrollment, and relationship-based solutions to managing Gallaudet’s public and internal image. As a center for innovation, we are responsible for continually improving creative output to match our fellow, high-ranking, highly respected educational institutions, and global brands.

We provide our target audiences with valuable and informative content that helps them see Gallaudet for what it is, the worldwide leader of innovation, culture, and access to opportunities for deaf, hard of hearing, and DeafBlind. To that end, we actively communicate the value of the University and its respective offerings.

This department includes several competency-based groups, such as Marketing, Experience, CRM & Automation, Media, Creative, Video, and Enrollment. Our collaborative teams own and support all video, audio, photo, and content needs of GU and serve as a multifaceted creative agency-studio capable of catering to multiple clients under the unified Gallaudet brand.

We also have an enrollment team dedicated to marketing enablement, creativity, enrollment, and experience under our Marketing Director. We are demand generation and community relations experts using all marketing teams as either brand input or resources, such as CRM, media, and creative.

Our charge is to deeply understand and relate to the communities of prospective families, youth, and educator resources, to assist in their understanding of Gallaudet as the indisputable thought leader and education leader in the niche of signing communities both nationally and worldwide.


Gallaudet University Brandbook
Check out Gallaudet University's Brandbook here.

Meet the Team

Bryce Chapman

Integrated Marketing Communications Director

David Kwash

Senior Web Programmer

Anthony Di Giovanni

Associate Frontend Website Developer

Smitha Hanumantha

Operations Manager

Lauren Brown

Associate Videographer

Bilal Chinoy

Manager Creative Services

Courtney Cannon

Traffic and Production Coordinator

Shara Winesburg

Public and Media Relations Manager

Meeya Tjiang

Multimedia Designer

Emma Giuntoli

Creative Specialist

Caleb Robinson

Communications Leader

Jett Kelly

Digital Content and Engagement Assistant

John Bingham


Smiles Russell

Student COVID Testing Assistant

Alyssa Glennon

Communications Leader


Contact Us

Marketing and Experience

Bryce Chapman

Chapel Hall 102G



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9:00 am-5:00 pm
9:00 am-5:00 pm
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