Raising the standard–two languages at a time

Language is a Human Right.

At Gallaudet University (GU) we are a fully accessible environment offering a unique, American Sign Language and English learning environment for all faculty, students, and staff.

ASL and English Bilingualism was established in August 2014 to support faculty and staff in developing the capacity to engage in best practices in bilingual teaching and learning. Dr. Laurene Simms was appointed as interim Chief Bilingual Officer (CBO) in 2020.

Imagine yourself walking the campus having access to everything and everyone at Gallaudet.

Instruction at Gallaudet takes advantage of cutting-edge technology, which allows for a language-rich learning environment. Students and faculty communicate as directly as possible, modeling and building habits of academic discourse in ASL and English. In doing this we ensure our community will learn for the rest of their lives and careers through the lens of ASL and English bilingualism, diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Immersive Education Services

ASL and English Bilingualism offers many resources to faculty, staff, students, and alumni because your education doesn’t end once you leave Gallaudet.

ASL Connect

World-class resources to boost your ASL skills! ASL Connect is your one-stop resource to provide you with the information you need to start learning ASL. From free online courses to joining the ranks of Gallaudet students in our classrooms or online–ASL Connect has the resources you need.

Bilingual Evaluation, Testing, and Assessment Center (BETA Center)

The BETA Center aims to provide reliable and valid language measurements for ASL and English bilingual individuals including:

Register for ASLPI

ASL Development Program (ASLDP)

The ASL Development Program provides opportunities focusing on language development in a safe and interactive environment where Gallaudet faculty can focus on learning and using ASL skills.

Bilingual Approach Seminar: Levels 1 & 2

This seminar supports professionals in implementing effective practices of ASL and English bilingual instruction that will enhance the achievement of students in all academic classes. The bilingual pedagogy involves two levels of the Bilingual Approach Seminar (BAS) as follows:

  • Level 1: Introduction to ASL and English Bilingualism
  • Level 2: Application of ASL and English Bilingualism in a classroom


Meet the Team

Laurene Simms

Chief Bilingual Officer

Deborah Duren

Manager, ASL Development

Suzanne Stecker

Executive Director, Product Management

Candace Jones

Director, Heritage Sign Languages Center

Wanda Hoshina

Executive Assistant

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(202) 651-5000

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