ASL placement tests (ASLPT) provided by Gallaudet University utilizes adaptive testing to place students into appropriate levels of ASL courses. The ASLPT are administered and scored automatically and this process ensures greater accuracy in course placements of test-takers. The ASLPT assesses comprehension of ASL grammar, production, and semantics. Test-takers are able to see their score immediately upon completion of the test. The ASLPT requires the use of a computer with internet access, and all items are displayed in a multiple-choice format as shown:

Instructions for test-takers:

The ASLPT is designed to ensure that you are registered for the correct level of ASL class. This is not a test; there is no way to fail the assessment. You are expected to perform at your highest level so that you will be placed in the correct ASL course. If you have not taken any ASL classes yet, please do not start the ASLPT.

For accurate placement, you should not:

  • Solicit outside help with ASLPT which includes family members or friends with experience with ASL.
  • Guess the answer to the questions. Only choose an answer if you are sure what the answer is.
  • Take the ASLPT if you have already started attending ASL classes. Please be sure to complete the ASLPT before you start an ASL class.

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