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Motion Light Lab (ML2) is an award-winning research and development lab at Gallaudet University in Washington, D.C. We are a part of the Visual Language and Visual Learning Center (VL2). We engage in a wide range of research-driven projects, creative R&D, including the development and distribution of bilingual storybook apps, the provision of training to support literacy development for deaf children, and the creation of advanced 3D avatars with sign language through motion capture technology. Our efforts intersect creative literature and digital technology that integrate with VL2 science to create new knowledge, and benefit society.

Find us on the first floor of the Sorenson Language and Communication Center building at Gallaudet University. We offer students rich opportunities for training in computational and digital media innovation, and we regularly look for volunteers for research studies.

ML2 Training

We are seeking partnerships with Deaf schools and Deaf programs to create Deaf-centered storybook apps. Contact usfor more information.


Learn more about the work we do here.

ASL Literacy Activities

ASL Literacy Activities

We are putting together activities, ideas, videos to support your child’s learning at home! A major focus of our activities will be based off on our award-winning VL2 Storybook Apps.

ASL Literacy Activities

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Motion Light Lab Donate

Want to support the team’s creative process? Please donate to the Motion Light Lab Fund. Every dollar helps us a bunch!

Meet the Team

Melissa Malzkuhn

Director, Motion Light Lab

Yiqiao Wang

Creative Designer

Jianye Wang

Associate 3D Animator

Jason Lamberton

Interactive Engineer

Tayla Newman

Associate Project Manager

Sarah Miller

Research Operations Specialist

Conrad Baer

Admissions Counselor

Lorna Quandt

Associate Professor

Sarah Miller

Social Strategist & Community Engagement


Other FAQs

As of right now, the storybooks are compatible with only iPads.

The apps will be viewable if you search for them using an iPad

Unfortunately, no. You will have to subscribe to our social media platforms to stay up to date on new storybook apps and download them manually once they are released.

We wish! As of right now, they have to be purchased and downloaded individually.

Contact Us

Motion Light Lab (ML2)

SLCC 1103

(202) 250-2071

(202) 651-5085

Monday - Friday
9 - 5

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