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Institutional Research & Effectiveness

Institutional research and effectiveness data collection, analysis, and reporting are some of the ways we help Gallaudet University assess and improve over time and move forward.

We're here to ensure there are sufficient and secure data from which we can expertly inform the university’s planning, assessment, evaluation, and accreditation efforts with integrity and equity.

The offices of Institutional Research and Effectiveness (IRE) oversees Gallaudet University’s accreditation, certification, and compliance with regard to licensure and research initiatives. We’re also the university’s source of truth when it comes to reporting enrollment, employment, and financial information to the campus community, such as enrollment reports and strategic planning reports that cover a wide range of projects and strategic goals.

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Since 1957, Gallaudet University has been a proud part of MSCHE. We work closely with MSCHE, and our work with them is a way to make sure that Gallaudet University is accredited.

Institutional Effectiveness and Certification

Dr. Caroline Kobek Pezzarossi

Learn more about Gallaudet University’s accreditation, certification, and research project compliance.

Institutional Effectiveness and Certification
leads our assessment and measurement and
helps the university to report on a wide range
of initiatives and strategic goals

Institutional Research

Dr. Lindsay Buchko

A place to get your information on Gallaudet University’s enrollment, jobs, and finances or/and to get surveys to the faculty, staff, and recent graduates. Institutional Research answers requests for data on an as-needed basis and helps people learn how to use a data warehouse repository.