The Institutional Research team at Gallaudet University is dedicated to providing accurate and reliable data on enrollment, employment, and financial matters to external audiences and the campus community. Our comprehensive reports on enrollment and strategic planning, as well as our surveys of faculty, staff, and recent alumni, offer valuable insights and information.

We are also here to conduct surveys and assist with any ad hoc data requests and provide training on accessing and using our data warehouse repository. Our goal is to support the university and its stakeholders with high-quality data and analysis.

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Reports and Surveys

The Office of Institutional Research conducts annual surveys and provides comprehensive reports to report university enrollment, employment, and financial information to external audiences. On this page, you’ll find our annual surveys and comprehensive reports. 

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Retention and Graduation by Undergraduate Cohort

We provide in-depth reports on the status and academic outcomes of our graduates, first-time full-time freshman students, and new full-time undergraduate transfer students.

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Semester Snapshot Report

We provide every semester snapshot report; it is our go-to source for admissions, enrollment, and persistence/graduation data at our institution. This report is compiled using census data and provides a comprehensive overview of these important metrics.

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Meet the Team

Lindsay Buchko

Director, Institutional Research

Sara Finklea Vizzuto

Senior Research Analyst

Emelia Beldon

Associate Research Analyst

Douglas Swob

Associate Data Visualization Developer - Gallaudet


Contact Us

Institutional Research

College Hall 412

(202) 250-2632

9:00 am-5:00 pm
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9:00 am-5:00 pm

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