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English Language Institute

Learn the English literacy skills you need to qualify for admission to Gallaudet or another university in the United States and to succeed in the next steps in your future and your career

The English Language Institute (ELI) is accredited by the Commission on English Language Program Accreditation and is a non-degree program that includes classes in the following areas:
ELI provides bilingual instruction in American Sign Language (ASL) and written English in a welcoming learning academic environment, where teamwork and personal growth are supported.
Work your way to bilingual, trilingual, or even multilingual fluency.
Learn ASL to be a part of the Gallaudet community and to connect with others globally.
Learn English for everyday communication around the world and within the US
Strengthen your English skills in order to attend Gallaudet University or another college in the USA.
What’s included in the ELI program?

Lifelong Learning and Support

Our student success rate is high, with a significant number of students completing the ELI at its highest level and gaining admission to university study. Learning English here is intensive, interactive, and integrated into a rich cultural context. Full-time students spend over 18 hours each week in classes, excluding optional courses and tutoring.

We have excellent staff and instructors who will support you through all stages of your career. All of our staff are:

Get Ready to Join the Gallaudet Community

The English Language Institute program includes:

Application Checklist

English Language Institute admissions checklist
We welcome deaf and hard of hearing individuals from all over the world and hearing people who have career plans to work with the deaf and hard of hearing community.
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