Areas of Study
  1. First Step – Academic Qualifications

The first step of the ELI application process is to provide your academic qualifications, such as your transcripts, and supporting documents. You will need to complete and submit the application form with the required documents. You will also need to submit the payment for the ELI application fee online (NOTE: the sooner that this step is done, the sooner the screening will be scheduled.)

Please note that ELI application fees are non-refundable. Please contact us if you have any questions about the ELI applications or the four steps of the ELI application process. We have several different kinds of applications as listed below.

  1. Second Step – Screening Tests and Interview

The second step is to complete a set of screening tests, complete the language self-assessment, and do a sign language interview. Most of this step is done via Zoom and scheduled by following Eastern Standard Time (EST) from mid-Fall to mid-Spring or the Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) from mid-Spring, through Summer, and to mid-Fall. To be able to proceed to Step Three – Financial Qualifications, applicants must qualify for a low intermediate (Level IV) level to a high intermediate level (Level VI) as adapted from the ACTFL / CEFR proficiency guidelines.

  1. Third Step – Financial Qualifications

The third step is to provide your financial proof or evidence of funds, which are documents proving an ability to pay for the estimated fixed costs of attending the ELI for two semesters (Please note that the actual advance payment for the semester is required before the semester begins). There must be sufficient funds in order to proceed to Step Four – ELI Admission.

  1. Fourth Step – ELI Admission

The fourth step is when you have been admitted to the ELI as a new student and need to complete forms to get ready for school. You will need to comply with the immunization requirements from Student Health Services and to attend ELI Student Orientation (ESO) for new ELI students.

Checking the Status of Your ELI Application or Forms

Please note that automated emails will be sent out to the email address that is listed on your ELI application.  Please search your inbox and your spam folder to see if you have received them. If you still have questions about your ELI application or forms, please email Contact.

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