Gain your Global Citizenship Skills

Global Learning for All

Empowering our community members for a global impact

At Gallaudet, we prepare our community members for global citizenship and working with deaf communities to improve their conditions. Global learning is essential for addressing the complex issues that transcend borders and impact the quality of life for people of all deaf identities.

With a diverse community of faculty, staff, and students from 100 countries, our campus is a melting pot of unique perspectives and experiences. And with over 23,000 alumni representing over 40 countries, a degree from Gallaudet University sets you up for success as a global citizen and world-changer.

Whether you are on campus or abroad, in person or virtual, we are committed to providing a wide range of global learning opportunities for all Gallaudet members. Join us as we strive to improve conditions and create a better world for deaf people.

Intercultural humility

Gain an understanding of diverse perspectives and cultures through immersive learning experiences both on campus and abroad.

Problem-solving tools and knowledge

Learn how to analyze and address complex problems that transcend borders through hands-on coursework and real-world projects.

Self-reflection and critical thinking

Engage across cultures and develop the ability to reflect on your own experiences and beliefs while learning from others.

Since 2018, we've helped over 300 students and faculty members study, intern, or conduct research in 32 different countries.

Study Abroad

Explore your options for international education. Study abroad programs tailored to your goals.

Internship Abroad

Gain real-world experience and stand out from the crowd. International internships for a competitive edge in your career.

International Fellowships

Secure funding for your international experience. Scholarships available for study abroad and internships.

Unique education that goes beyond borders

Our global learning programs allow you to take classes, conduct research, and expand your worldview while challenging yourself and fostering curiosity. Learn more about our global learning programs below and how they can prepare you for a successful future.

International Degrees

Siena School for Liberal Arts

Experience Italian culture and language with Gallaudet University’s Siena School for Liberal Arts (SSLA) Study Abroad Program. The program, located in the beautiful Tuscany region of Italy, is designed for deaf students from all majors. It is offered in collaboration with Siena International Institute, providing students an intensive and immersive learning environment.

The SSLA Study Abroad Program offers classes in a variety of subjects, such as art history, Italian language, and culture, and it allows students to gain a deeper understanding of Italian culture and the Italian way of life. The classes are taught in ASL and Italian, and also provides opportunities for students to take classes in English. The program is designed to be inclusive, with accommodations and support services for deaf students.

The Siena program also includes cultural activities and excursions that allow students to explore the beautiful Tuscany region of Italy and experience its rich culture and history. Students have the opportunity to visit such famous sites as the Siena Cathedral, the Piazza del Campo, and the Palazzo Pubblico.

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Collaborative Online International Learning

Gallaudet is partnering with institutions outside of the United States to offer its students opportunities to learn and interact with their peers of different cultures and backgrounds.

Global Opportunities at Gallaudet University - Go Global Fair

We believe in the power of global education. Our annual Go Global Fair is just one of the many ways we connect students, staff, and faculty with the opportunities they need to gain international experience. Meet with international organizations, learn about available scholarships and internships opportunities, and connect with students, staff, and faculty who have already taken the leap.

Explore Washington, D.C. as your Multicultural "Learning Lab”

Gallaudet University is located in the heart of Washington, D.C. – a global city that is home to international cultural and political organizations, as well as a wide range of diverse communities.

This provides our students with unparalleled opportunities to gain professional and educational experience in a multicultural environment.