Education Abroad and International Fellowships (EA) helps Gallaudet advance opportunities to internationalize the learning experience outside the United States. We also provide information and support on international fellowship and scholarship opportunities by:

  • Collaborating with faculty to develop a portfolio of Education Abroad programs that enrich on-campus coursework and infuse a global-minded sensibility into the entire Gallaudet community.
  • Developing Virtual Exchange – Collaborative Online International Learning (VE-COIL) opportunities: Online courses between Gallaudet and other institutions outside the U.S. for globally-minded students. VE-COIL infuses global awareness, learning, and shared action by our campus community, particularly during “grand global challenges” that face people across the spectrum of deaf identities.
  • Maintaining a coordinated approach to developing systems, processes, and policies that ensure standards of good practice for Education Abroad.
  • Providing students, faculty, staff, and recent graduates with help and advice on international fellowships and scholarships such as Fulbright, Boren, Critical Language, Gilman — and others.
  • Working with campus units to help ensure a safe international travel experience for campus members, including keeping them in compliance with U.S. regulations.

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Education Abroad and International Fellowships

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