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Our General Education program delivers courses and explorations that sit at the intersection of deaf identity, bilingualism, and multiculturalism. This important work helps first-year freshmen and transfer students understand who they are, which informs where they’re going.

Coursework and Learning Outcomes

Gallaudet University is uniquely qualified to structure a curriculum that thoroughly explores deafhood and deaf identity. The undergraduate General Education program does more than that, though – it creates a foundational, inclusive environment for which the future generation can broadcast to the world what it means to be deaf.


Use American Sign Language (ASL) and written English to communicate effectively with diverse audiences for a variety of purposes.

Career Ready

Engage in theoretical and experiential learning to develop career decision-making skills and competencies.
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Critical Thinkers

Think critically and innovatively, and express creatively, making connections within and across disciplines.

Digitally Aware

Employ data and technology in effective, competent, fair, accountable, transparent, and responsible (ethical) ways.


Formulate reasoned decisions about ethical issues that lead to wise action..
Global students

Global Citizens

​​Articulate knowledge of intersectional identities within a global society and demonstrate intercultural knowledge, cultural competence, and skills in constructive civic discourse on the local, national, and global levels.

Science Literate

Evaluate evidence derived from systematic analysis of quantitative and qualitative data to address issues that pertain to the experiences of individuals in societies.

Wellness Grounded

Recognize how choices can transform health, well-being, and ability to thrive; seek support and utilize resources for personal growth; and work collaboratively to promote wellness on campus and within oneself.

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