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Our Philosophy and Religion program teaches students the major problems, concepts, writings, and movements in the history of Western philosophy while focusing on the major divisions of logic, ethics, theory of knowledge, and metaphysics. Students interested in philosophy can pursue a Bachelor of Arts degree, a minor in ethics, or a minor in philosophy. All students in the Philosophy program develop analytical and critical thinking skills that benefit them in real-world and academic settings.

Areas of Study


B.A. in Philosophy

Students in the Philosophy program will learn how to think critically and engage in constructive dialogue as they analyze difficult, real-life scenarios which demand advanced problem-solving skills that employers prioritize...

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Minor in Ethics

Our Minor in Ethics program educates students about the fundamental literature, figures, and ideas behind the field of ethics. Students who join the minor program will have the opportunity to...

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Minor in Philosophy

Our Minor in Philosophy program develops students’ critical and expressive thinking abilities. Through 5 carefully selected subjects, students will establish a fundamental understanding of the literature, major figures, and theories...

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Philosophy and Religion

Reut Beckman

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