Connecting the global deaf and signing community

Global Gallaudet

Experience the deaf world at Gallaudet University

By immersing yourself in our diverse international community you’ll develop a global mindset that’s essential in today’s workplace and society. We offer a range of global learning and engagement opportunities.

Global at Home

See how we welcome and support international community members and facilitate a seamless onboarding process.

Global Learning for All

Join our community of globally-minded individuals and become a citizen of the world through cross-cultural engagement and learning opportunities.

Global Engagement

Learn how our initiatives provide unique learning, research, and service opportunities to address challenges facing the deaf community on a global scale.

Since 2018 we've helped over 300 students and faculty members study, intern, or conduct research in 32 different countries.

Learn and grow in a diverse and supportive community.

In addition to studying and working abroad, we infuse global learning into our on-campus practices, preparing our students for success in the international community and global workplace.

We offer a wide range of international programs and studies, such as international development degrees and studies, and work on internationalizing the learning experience and enriching academic and community vitality.

Explore cross-cultural relationships and mutually beneficial partnerships with other countries while you’re here.

Group of people holding flags of different countries

Gallaudet in Nigeria-Africa (GAIN)

This groundbreaking program helps deaf Nigeria students reach their full potential and thrive as citizens.

Experience the benefits of academic cooperation in Africa. This program may offer an opportunity to learn about different cultures, develop intercultural communication skills, and gain a more global perspective.

GAIN group photo
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Virtual Exchange

Take your learning global online! Our Virtual Exchange-Collaborative Online International Learning (VE-COIL) agreements with colleges and universities in Norway, The Philippines, and Japan provide unique opportunities to learn and grow globally from our campus.

World Federation of the Deaf

Connect with the international deaf community through our partnership with the World Federation of the Deaf (WFD).

WFD offers learning opportunities to Gallaudet students and connects international government leaders with WFD member associations.

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Study abroad

Experience the thrill of studying abroad at the Siena School of Liberal Arts in Italy or the National Tsukuba University of Technology in Japan.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn and grow in a new culture and environment.

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Home to students from 40 countries

Located in the heart of globally-diverse Washington, D.C., Gallaudet is home to students from 40 countries, creating an inclusive community unlike any other.

We know that learning ASL and coming to a new country can be a challenging cultural experience. At Gallaudet University, we are committed to supporting our international students and making them feel at home.

English Language Institute

If you have limited or no English skills, the English Language Institute (ELI) is here to help.

Our experienced instructors will guide you through the process of learning to read and write English, providing you with the foundation you need to succeed at Gallaudet and beyond.

ELI students talking

Office of International Affairs

The Office of International Affairs (OIA) strives to fulfill Gallaudet University’s objective to create a “Global Gallaudet” that positively impacts the quality of life for the full spectrum of Deaf identities worldwide. OIA comprises three programs and a support team.
  • Collaborates with faculty to develop a portfolio of education abroad programs that also enrich on-campus coursework and infuse a global-minded sensibility into the entire Gallaudet community.
  • Develops Virtual Exchange-Collaborative Online International Learning (VE-COIL) opportunities for globally-minded students. VE-COIL infuses global awareness, learning, and shared action by our campus community.
  • Maintains a coordinated approach to developing systems, processes, and policies that ensure standards of good practice for education abroad at Gallaudet.
  • Provides students, faculty, staff, and recent graduates with help and advice on international fellowships and scholarships.
  • Works with campus units to help ensure a safe international travel experience for campus members.
  • Ensures that students, and the University, are in compliance with U.S. immigration laws.
  • Provides students with key information before and during a comprehensive orientation; advises on social, cultural, and personal adjustment; promotes financial aid opportunities; and hosts activities to encourage interaction with the overall Gallaudet community.
  • Works closely with Gallaudet’s schools and faculty members to extend University resources through its International Visiting Scholar (IVS) service, which accommodates incoming professors, researchers, fellows, Fulbright scholars, and other scholars from outside the U.S. to campus from two weeks to five years.
  • Manages the Gallaudet-Nippon Foundation World Deaf Leadership (WDL) Scholarship funded by the Nippon Foundation of Tokyo, Japan, to make it possible for deaf and hard of hearing leaders from developing nations to attend Gallaudet University.
  • Teams with University constituents to assess worldwide opportunities and facilitate mutually beneficial cooperative agreements with foreign entities, using a cross-campus committee, Global Opportunity Assessing League (GOAL).
  • Serves as a global knowledge hub by hosting campus dialogue on issues of importance, and maintaining a Global Knowledge Base with in-depth information about nations of interest.
  • Hosts strategic international visitors who meet Gallaudet’s goals in at least one of three areas: expands international enrollment, enhances academic and intercultural exchange, or represents current or potential strategic international relations.
  • Provides support to the EA, IR, and ISSS programs.
  • Maintains the International Policy Manual, a compilation of policies, procedures, and guides, and All Hands On which facilitates cross-campus collaboration to improve international students and scholars’ experiences through referral and intercultural competency.
  • Implements strategic planning and policy development that enhances internationalization.
  • Oversees special projects/initiatives to facilitate Gallaudet’s progress towards a Global Gallaudet.