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Have you ever said to yourself...

"I've always wanted to learn sign language!"?

Gallaudet University’s ASL Connect program has the online courses you need
to help you communicate with the diverse Deaf people around you.

ASL Courses

We offer for-credit, online ASL courses as well as in-person Summer courses. Both introductory and advanced courses are available. Check out all of the engaging and interactive features we offer when you sign up for one of our courses.

A smiling Black woman with white sunglasses and a red shirt stands signing with a white woman with curly red hair and a pink polka-dotted tank top. They are outside in the sun standing in front of a building.

Language Sessions

The sessions are intended to reinforce students’ ASL development by interacting with our language mentors thereby immersing students in ASL. All sessions are tied to their respective ASL course. Sign up for an ASL course to experience our language sessions!

VIBE with us!

Our newest program, Virtual Immersion, Best Experience! VIBE! lets you participate in language-rich social events like ASL-related games, guest speakers, and connections with instructors, teacher assistants, and peers. Register for any of our ASL courses and you will have the option to join a VIBE event.

Summer Residency Program

(In-Person) Come to Gallaudet University in Washington, D.C. to immerse yourself in ASL while taking courses on campus at the world’s only university for Deaf and Hard of Hearing students.

Looking to learn Basic Signs?
Start learning free, basic ASL vocabulary with our fun videos, which are organized by topic.

Learn ASL anytime. CONNECT from anywhere.

These “anytime, anywhere” learning ASL opportunities allow you to engage at a distance–learning whenever and wherever you choose. Even if you are at a different school to take advantage of these extraordinary ASL courses.


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