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Academic programs to fit your passion

With more than 50 majors, 30 minors, and a Self-Directed Major, you’re sure to find a program that matches your interest.

Undergraduate Academic Programs

Students who earn a bachelor’s degree earn 75% more over their lifetimes than those with high school diplomas.

Honors Program

Up for a challenge? The Gallaudet University Honors Program is a rewarding experience designed to push, challenge, and grow the leaders of tomorrow. 

Graduate Academic Programs

Push your education further in one of our 25+ Master’s, and 7 Doctorate programs. Whether you want an advanced degree for your career or simply can’t get enough Gallaudet–we don’t blame you–our Graduate Programs are designed to give you the best experience, in a one-of-a-kind environment.

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Online Degree Programs

B.A. Online Degree Completion Programs

Don’t let those old credits collect dust–put them to good use by earning a degree in one of our Online Degree Completion Programs (ODCP). Students interested in pursuing a degree in Deaf Studies or Psychology that have already accumulated 60 hours of college credits can finish their degree with flexible, accelerated, eight-week courses throughout the year.

M.A. Online Degree Programs

Reaching your goals is closer than you could have imagined. Earn your degree from the comfort of your home – or the coziest seat at the coffee shop with an online or hybrid M.A. program.

Professional Development

The Center for Continuing Education (CCE) makes courses, training, degrees, and certificates from Gallaudet available to anyone–you don’t even have to be a student. Gain new skills, earn professional certificates, and more.

Global Learning

Discover an education without borders that you can only experience at Gallaudet University. Take classes and conduct research while expanding your worldview, challenging yourself, and fostering curiosity through global learning.

Learn American Sign Language and Deaf Culture

Learn from a University with deep roots in ASL and Deaf Culture.
Pursue your passion or advance your career in our B.A. or M.A. ASL and Interpretation Programs, or even earn your Ph.D. in Interpretation and Translation.

Just getting started? Our ASL Connect program educates families, businesses, and individuals through free online resources, courses at Gallaudet, and online or in-person training to help you learn the basics of ASL.

Interested in applying to the Honors Program at Gallaudet University?

If you meet the criteria for Honors Program admission, you will be invited to apply at the time of your acceptance to the University.

Honors Program Admission Criteria

The Honors Program uses a holistic admissions process, meaning we consider the whole person as we screen applicants. Several factors are considered, including high school or college GPA, ACT or SAT scores, a one-on-one interview, determination and grit, and materials submitted as part of the online application to Gallaudet.

Your application will be reviewed for Honors Program admission when you apply to the University. You also have the option of applying to the Honors Program once you are here! We recognize that intellectual flowering and motivation sometimes occurs after arriving here at Gallaudet.

We look for students who demonstrate intellectual motivation, dedication to a program of study, and critical thinking skills to engage and wrestle with texts and concepts in order to further their academic journeys in graduate school and life beyond the university.

Perks of the Honors Program

To aid students in their quest for excellence, we provide a number of benefits including dedicated study facilities, scholarships, social programs, and enhanced academic preparation. Our graduates also have Improved career opportunities, and are eminently prepared for admission to top-tier graduate or professional programs.