Our Deaf Studies program allows students to be at the forefront of research and exploration for the deaf and hard of hearing community. A diverse, well-published faculty ensures students enter the social and cultural climate of the deaf community with confidence and the tools to advance the world’s understanding of human diversity. Students will build a foundation in the historical, sociological, and cultural aspects of the deaf community to prepare for careers in deaf education, linguistics, interpretation, sociology, or social work.

Areas of Study


Minor in Deaf Studies

Students must pass ENG 102, ASL 125 and DST 101 with a grade of "B" or better prior to declaring a minor in Deaf Studies.

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Minor in Black Deaf Studies

The Black Deaf Studies Minor is open to anyone with an existing major who wants to supplement their majors with studies in Black Deaf experience, culture, and language. The minor...

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M.A. in Deaf Studies: Cultural Studies

The Cultural Studies Concentration challenges students to develop methods of inquiry, research, and critique that explore historically-created social institutions and cultural processes which shape the world and deaf ways-of-being. Students...

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M.A. in Deaf Studies: Language and Human Rights

The Concentration in Language and Human Rights is designed to give a globally based student population an understanding of the development of the U.S. and international human rights instruments, institutions,...

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Certificate in Deaf Cultural Studies

The Graduate Certificate Program in Deaf Cultural Studies provides students with historical and theoretical foundations in Deaf Studies. Students may select courses from an interdisciplinary curriculum in the areas of...

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Online Degrees and Certifications

ODCP Minor in Deaf Studies

Requirements for Admission to an ODCP Minor in Deaf Studies Students must pass ASL 125 and DST 101 with a grade of "B" or better prior to declaring a minor...

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Deaf Studies Digital Journal

The Deaf Studies Digital Journal (DSDJ) is a peer-reviewed, digital journal in American Sign Language and English text, dedicated to advancing the cultural, creative, and critical output of work in and about sign languages and its communities in the form of scholarly video articles, original...


Faculty and Staff

Teresa Burke

School Director

Tawny Hlibok

Associate Professor

H-Dirksen Bauman


Gene Mirus


Octavian Robinson

Associate Professor

Joseph Murray


Genie Gertz


Erin Moriarty

Associate Professor

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