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Already benefiting from a prestigious Gallaudet University diploma, Gallaudet Honors Students leave the university with additional credentials that are attractive for future employers.

During their academic tenure, Gallaudet Honors students are challenged and rewarded with additional scholastic opportunities like the Honors Capstone not available to other students. This exclusive but supportive and welcoming community of students are treated to annual retreats, private study spaces, and 1:1 mentorship opportunities. Merit scholarships are available to Honors Students to augment their financial aid package.


Honors Option Contracts
Honors Option Contracts allow students to receive Honors credit for any University course. Contracts allow students to work closely with a faculty mentor to develop their own academic interests, knowledge, and skills. In the contract, the student and faculty member will lay out the work...
University Capstone Honors
University Capstone Honors is the heart of the Honors Program. Capstones allow honors students to develop into highly competitive prospects for top-tier graduate schools or employers. Beginning as early as the sophomore year, students take six upper course honors credits (via contracts, advanced consortium courses,...
University Capstone Honors for Online Degree Completion Program
University Capstone Honors for Online Degree Completion Program The Gallaudet Honors Program is a learning community for the most academically capable and motivated students. The overall goal is to foster skills, work habits, and attitudes conducive to future achievement and lifelong learning. To this end,...


Program Outcomes

Language and Communication


      Honors students will excel in applying conventions of academic and professional discourse.


Critical Thinking


      Honors students will learn to analyze, synthesize, and evaluate multiple perspectives and facts, ideas, and interpretations from various sources—particularly academic and professional sources—at an advanced undergraduate level.


Knowledge and Inquiry


      Honors students will discuss and apply modes of inquiry of humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences using entry-level professional or graduate school practices.


Attitudes and Values


      Honors students will develop dispositions and abilities conducive to strong cognitive skills.


      Honors Students will demonstrate professional behavior consistent with the expectations of graduate schools or professional employers.


      Honors students describe and evaluate the perspectives of diverse groups.


      Honors students value and participate in civic-minded service as a way to improve society.



Faculty and Staff

Program Director

Jennifer Nelson

Director Honors Program

Faculty and Staff

Jennifer Nelson

Director Honors Program

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