Areas of Study

Course Fees




ASL 1 – 4 (asynchronous courses with language sessions)

3 credits

$990 per course

ASL 5 & 6 (synchronous courses with instructor)

3 credits

$990 per course

Application Fee (nonrefundable)


$40 per session

Virtual Immersion, Best Experience! (VIBE!) Activity Fee (optional) 


$50 per 8-week course


$100 per 15- week course

Payment Procedures and Types

Full payment is required to complete your registration. Payment may be made by credit card (VISA and MasterCard), money order, or check. Purchase orders are also accepted. The payment plan can be arranged through the student portal. However, the remaining amount must be paid in full before the registration deadline in order to be enrolled in the course of your selection.

Application Fee (Per Session)

The $40 Application Fee is non-refundable and it is per session. 

VIBE! Activity Fee (Per Session)

This is an activity fee to support Virtual Immersion. Best Experience! weekly events hosted via Zoom with a variety of ASL immersion activities. This fee is optional and per session.

Other Fees

Check under each course description for platform/app and course material fees.

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