History is in the making! 

The Motion Light Lab (ML2) team, along with Pigmental Studios, is embarking on an exciting adventure, and you are invited to join! They are creating Here Comes Mavo – animated 3D episodes for children’s television starring our Mavo! 

Currently, the project is on Seed & Spark, a crowdsourcing platform for television and film projects, with a campaign goal of $50,000. This would be the first ever children’s TV show centered around a Deaf signing character. 

What is the project’s goal?  

The main goal is to create an inclusive animated series for children showcasing sign language and Deaf culture through the core themes of community, connection, and communication. This TV show will have an impact on the Deaf community by creating opportunities to expand a pipeline of diverse Deaf animators and storytellers. 

Who is Mavo?  

Mavo is the pink-haired Deaf adventurer who lives in a magical world that is filled with all sorts of special animals and people! Through the adventures of Mavo and her friends, an extraordinary universe opens up –  a place where communication is not limited by words. Rather, it is enriched by the expressive beauty of sign language. This series does not just entertain; it educates and inspires, reminding the viewer of the power of understanding and empathy. 

Why $50,000?  

To create the pilot episode 

• Production (Directing, Talents, Crew) – $10,500 

• Episode Assets – $4,300 

• Animators and 2D/3D Artists – $7,300 

• Storyboard and Animatics – $4,000 

• Motion Capture (Rigging, Cleaning, Process) – $12,500 

• Sound Composing – $3,800 

• Animation Post Production – $7,600 

That is the amount needed to expand to welcome more emerging Deaf animators, storyboard artists, and designers to this project. Through this series, ML2 aims to create and build an inclusive pipeline, opening opportunities for underrepresented communities to have an impact in the entertainment industry. 

The Seed & Spark platform is a great place to start as it is designed to build audiences for media projects, and 100% of donations go to the project without any hidden fees.   

How to contribute?  

Follow the project on Seed & Spark, share the project with family and friends, and contribute what you can! 

Join Motion Light Lab, Pigmental Studios, and Mavo on this remarkable project!  

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