Classroom Discourse Observation (CDO) is a formal assessment that focuses on ASL discourse, bilingual teaching strategies, and the interactions between the faculty and students. All faculty members are required to take CDO as part of their portfolio.  This is to support Gallaudet University’s Bilingual Mission.

The three categories are the focus of this evaluation:

  • Topic Management
  • Classroom Management
  • Language Skills

This observation is videotaped and assessed by an ASL Diagnostician. In the report, it will cover areas of strength and areas of improvement. The faculty is then provided with a personalized feedback session, which includes the opportunity to review the report and discuss the video recording. The report will subsequently be shared with the school director and Dean. 

Please discuss with your School Director about CDO and the director will pass on your name to the Dean. Both, the Dean and the Provost will determine who needs to take CDO and supply the list of faculty names to the Bilingual Evaluation, Testing, and Assessment Center. Those who are up for promotion or tenure will be prioritized.

The faculty are encouraged to take Teaching and Language Assessment (TLA), which will prepare them for CDO.

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Classroom Discourse Observation (CDO)

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