At The American Sign Language (ASL) Development program we provide resources and ongoing support to Gallaudet faculty around learning and growing their American Sign Language (ASL) skills. Our goal is to provide opportunities for language development in a safe and interactive environment where our Gallaudet faculty can focus on learning and using their ASL skills.

You CAN Learn ASL

The four components of our office ensure you can grow, and become confident when using ASL, on and off campus!
  • ASL Development Plan for new emerging signers- A personalized plan to support your unique learning style and needs.
  • ASL Gatherings- The more exposure to the deaf community you have as a new signer the better. Being immersed in the deaf community is essential to your success in learning ASL.
  • Individual ASL Support– One on one support lets you ask questions, and get feedback.
  • ASL Immersion Day– This event is designed to allow Gallaudet faculty and staff to experience a complete ASL immersion environment.

Our Commitments, Your Success

The ASL Development Program will maintain and achieve successful outcomes for Gallaudet faculty through:
  • ASL/English learning environments, featuring these programs, ASL Gatherings, Individual ASL Language Support and ASL Immersion, providing full access for faculty.
  • A commitment to provide support and encouragement to faculty through this program, ASL Language Development plan including customized ASL development resources.
  • A safe learning environment in which faculty and staff have access to achieve ASL development skills to communicate effectively on and off campus, which will impact student learning outcomes and the Gallaudet community at large.
We always strive to provide the highest quality approach in preparing faculty and staff for developing their ASL skills through our programs. No matter where your starting skill level is, we are here to support you!

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ASL Development Program (ASLDP)

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