Bilal Chinoy

Creative Services Director

Marketing, Communications, and Undergraduate Admissions

202-250-2525 (videophone)


Bilal Chinoy is the Creative Manager at Gallaudet University’s University Communications. He makes Gallaudet University’s stories come alive by designing visuals. He leads the design team for student recruitment materials/presentations and designs the visual brand for the university and its social media accounts. His work promotes the stories on the university’s website, capturing the life of the campus community in videos and photos. With the power of chai in his veins and a love of adventure, Mr. Chinoy finds himself recharged by biking, trekking, running and, traveling. He is a step closer to achieving his dream of bridging the gap between education and employability of Deaf youth in India by co-founding ISL Connect, an organization that aims to provide quality bilingual Deaf educational services. Mr. Chinoy also enjoys working with students who wish to learn the art of multimedia designing.

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Bilal Chinoy


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