Student Life Meets Service!

Welcome to Gallaudet’s Office of Student Engagement and Leadership, the epicenter of student life, where the beat of campus spirit resonates in every event and gathering!

Our mission is to curate a gratifying college experience through facilitating the many opportunities on- and off-campus for students to engage in, have fun, be socially responsible, and grow!

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What We Do


  • Events: We’re not just event planners; we’re the architects of unforgettable experiences on campus. We host dozens of events throughout the academic year for you to engage in and enjoy your time outside of the classroom. SEL is also by your side to help make sure your events are successful (student organizations and clubs).
  • Service: Tap into a treasure trove of volunteer work. Throughout the academic year, there are always opportunities to give back your time to assist a charitable cause. Take part in any one of these to community service events and gain fufillment and growth. This is the pillar of service.
  • Community Leadership: Explore any one of our student clubs and organizations to connect with and potentially be a member of. Find community in whatever it is you are looking for, whether student governance organizations such as the Student Body Government or Graduate Student Association, or Greek organizations, identity-based organizations, or fun hobby-based clubs. Whatever it is, you can find your tribe here and gain valuable leadership experience by actively participating in these clubs and organizations. 


Student Clubs and Organizations

  • Training: Ignite your leadership potential with us. Whether you’re a seasoned officer or a new member, our guidance and training programs with get you up to speed in a variety of things such as: scheduling, use of facilities, program planning, policies and procedures, and more.
  • Registration: Have not found the right organization or club for you? SEL can help you register as one. Registration procedures can be daunting but fear not, we’ll guide you through the procedures, so you and likeminded peers can get to work and have fun.
  • Finances: We’ll unravel the mysteries, discussing sources of funding and financial procedures to keep your organization in the green and stable.
  • Manual: If your organization members or advisors need assistance, please see the Student Engagement & Leadership Student Organization & Club Manual. We are always here to help!


Services for all

  • Event SchedulingIf you need a space or booth, we’ve got you covered. Scheduling the use of campus facilities is our forte, ensuring your events have the perfect stage.
  • TV Advertising ServicesWant to broadcast your message to the masses? Our TV advertising services makes sure your message is displayed loud and proud.
  • Flyer and Banner Approval and Printing Services: Your flyers and banners deserves to soar high. We ensure your visuals are SEL-friendly and dispalyed where they need to be.
  • General Rental Services: Hosting an event and need the essentials? Our general rental services have everything you need to turn your vision into a reality.
  • Camping Rental ServicesOur Outdoor Camping Equipment Services provide the gear for your adventure under the stars.


With SEL, you can engage in campus activites, become a leader amongst your peers, and soar as far as you want to go!


Student Body Government

Gallaudet University’s Student Body Government provides thoughtful input into Gallaudet’s decision-making process, has three main tasks as we fulfill our charge to serve as the representative voice and the GU student body. SBG's purpose is to provide input into the University's decision-making process; to act...

Graduate Student Association

The Graduate Student Association (GSA) is a student organization representing the interests of all graduate students at Gallaudet University, advocating for the academic, professional, and social goals of the graduate student body.  Our purpose is to:  promote academic excellence provide a forum for the expression...

Meet the Team

Michelle Gerson-Wagner

Director, Student Engagement and Leadership

Roger Williams

Operations Specialist

Ashley Pabon

Student Engagement Coordinator

Thinaja Nadarajah Israel

Student Engagement Coordinator


Contact Us

Student Engagement and Leadership

I King Jordan Student Academic Center (JSAC) 1000

(202) 250-2600

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