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Welcome to Gallaudet’s Office of Campus Ministries (OCM), We’re more than an office; we’re your go-to area for deepening your spiritual journey right here on campus!

Gallaudet University is comprised of a rich mosaic of spiritual and religious faiths that make us who we are. OCM is dedicated to serving and ministering to the entire Gallaudet community as well as being a space for those to explore their curiosity in the world of spirituality.


Meet Our Chaplains and Staff

OCM Chaplains are your friendly spiritual guides on campus. Click the button below to see the list of OCM Chaplains.

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What We Do

  • Foster moral and spiritual development.
  • Lead uplifting worship services and bible studies.
  • Offer a listening ear, encouragement, and solace.
  • Explain the beliefs and practices of their faith.
  • Coordinate cool interfaith activities promoting social justice and diversity awareness.

Find Us

Drop by our OCM offices on the first floor of the Ely Center (Rooms 114-119). Need some quiet reflection time? Head down to the Spirituality Space in the lower level of the Student Activities Center, Room L001, near the Rathskellar. 

Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers

Have burning questions or just want to chat? Get in contact with us.


Baptist Campus Ministry

The chaplain for the Baptist campus ministry is LeeAnn Carrera, whose office is at the Ely Center, room 114. Discipleship Counseling One-to-One Dialogue Recreation/Outings Retreats/Camps Mission Trips Evangelism Training US Multinational/International Ministry Children's Program Fellowship Community-wide Activities Contact the Office of Campus Ministries

Catholic Campus Ministry

Fr Min Seo Park, Chaplain Mary O'Meara, Campus Minister Ely Center 118 Office Hours by appointment Contact Fr. Park at for a video appointment. Center for Deaf MinistriesGeneral information7202 Buchanan Street Landover Hills, Maryland 20784 VP  (301) 301-200-5430 International Catholic Deaf Association International...

Christian and Missionary Alliance

Chaplain Bruce Persons, Chaplain Jooyoung Lee, Campus Minister Office Ely Center 116 VP: 301-750-6704 Office Hours 1-5 PM Tuesdays and Thursdays Contact by email using the form below for video appointments. Activities Thursday Night Live Worship Gathering 8:00 - 9:15 PM in SAC-1010...

Episcopal Campus Ministry

Chaplain’s position is currently vacant Ely Center 117 Christ Deaf United Methodist Church Worships Sunday at 12:00 noon 1040 S. Beachfield Baltimore MD 21229 Magothy United Methodist Church Worships Sunday at 10:15am 3703 Mountain Rd Pasadena MD 21122 The United Methodist Church The Upper Room...

Hillel: Organization for Jewish Campus Life

The office is located at the Ely Center, room 117. Information and announcements are on the Gallaudet Hillel website. Hillel - The Foundation for Jewish Campus Life Jewish Federation of Greater Washington

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Campus Ministry

Billy Kendrick Ely Center 119 Contact by email for a video appointment. On-campus programs have been suspended due to coronavirus. The Capitol Hill Ward holds a weekly ASL worship service at 11:00 am Sundays at 522 Seventh Street SE, Washington, DC 20003.

Lutheran Campus Ministry

The chaplains for the Lutheran campus ministry are the Rev. Ron Friedrich and Vicar Andy Petajan, whose office is at the Ely Center, room 118. Christ Lutheran Church of the Deaf holds a weekly online worship service at 10:30 am Sundays. International Lutheran Deaf Association...

Methodist Campus Ministry

The chaplains for the Methodist campus ministry are the Rev. Dr. Sandi Johnson and the Rev. Emily Hart, whose office is at the Ely Center, room 117. Christ Deaf United Methodist Church holds a weekly worship service at noon Sundays at 1040 S. Beachfield, Baltimore,...

Seventh-day Adventist Campus Ministry

The chaplain for the Seventh-day Adventist campus ministry is Francisca Trexler, whose office is at the Ely Center, room 119. Deaf Evangelistic Adventist Fellowship holds a weekly worship service from 11:30 am to 1:00 pm Saturdays at Burnt Mills SDA Church, 10915 Lockwood Drive, Silver...

Assemblies of God Campus Ministry

The chaplain for the Assemblies of God campus ministry is Sharon Ellis Sandoval, whose office is at the Ely Center, room 114. To make an appointment, contact by email. National Community Church holds a weekly worship service at 10:30 am Sundays at 1215 U Street...



Common Questions

The Spirituality Space (SAC L001) is always open. Whenever the Spirituality Space is not being used by OCM staff for scheduled group activities, students, faculty, and staff are welcome to come into the Spirituality Space for private meditation.
No, the Office of Campus Ministries (OCM) chaplains are each supported by their own religious organizations, not by the University. OCM chaplains serve as guests of the University.
The University and the Office of Campus Ministries (OCM) staff are sensitive to the spiritual concerns of every member of the campus community and always endeavor to assist students in meeting their spiritual needs. Some faiths which are amply represented in the student body may not have an OCM chaplain simply because established organizations representing those faiths may not have offered to provide qualified workers to serve the Gallaudet community. Please note that denominations and religious organizations which seek to serve the Gallaudet community must apply for permission from the Associate Dean of Student Center Programs and Services. These religious organizations, and the workers who represent them, must meet certain requirements in order to insure the integrity of the ministry and tranquility of the campus community. Students who seek fellowship in their own faith may do so either by meeting together on campus as a student-led organization, or by connecting with other off-campus community religious services.

Policies and Information

The University encourages students who share common concerns, including religious concerns, to meet for mutual support. However, any group wanting to meet in classrooms, conference rooms, or public areas on campus, must go through regular channels to schedule their meeting space. Also, please let the Associate Dean of Student Center Programs and Services know about your activity, so they can respond appropriately to any questions you may have.
If you are part of the Gallaudet campus community and you would like to use the Spirituality Space (SAC L001) for a special event, contact the Associate Dean of Student Center Programs and Services.
Gallaudet is a private university that seeks to protect the rights and privacy of its students. The Office of Campus Ministries, working under the Office of Student Affairs and Academic Support, strives to address the spiritual needs of the campus community, free of intimidation. If you are witness to visitors aggressively promoting their religion or other such intimidating activities, please notify the Associate Dean of Student Center Programs and Services. Any visitor who behaves in a way that disrupts the campus community will be instructed to leave.
You can contact the following people to report problems concerning campus ministries:
  • OCM Liaison Chaplain
  • Interim Dean of Student Affairs
  • Associate Dean of Student Center Programs and Services
Please also contact us for more information.

Contact Us

Office of Campus Ministries

Ely Center 114 - 119

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