Student Center Programs and Services (SCPS) is committed to providing a student-centered, co-curricular environment designed to foster experiential learning to augment the academic experience. The departments of SCPS, including Health and Wellness Programs, Student Accountability and Restorative Practices, and the Office of Campus Ministries, implement and support student-centered programs and services aimed at enhancing the student experience and preparing students to become engaged global citizens and leaders.


Student Accountability & Restorative Practices (SARP)

Welcome to Gallaudet’s Office of Student Accountability and Restorative Practices (SARP), a space where accountability meets growth.  The central role of SARP is to uphold and enforce the University's policies to ensure we attain civility, fairness, integrity, learning, responsibility and equality amongst all.   The office...

Peer Health Advocates

Peer Health Advocates (PHAs) are student paraprofessionals who have received extensive training in a range of health issues, presentation methods, and referrals. PHAs promote health and wellness for the student population through individual, group, and community strategies such as: Individual appointments Workshops Mass communications Newsletters...

Health and Wellness Programs

Welcome to the Health and Wellness Programs (HWP), where we are dedicated to elevating the well-being of our students and creating a campus community that thrives on holistic wellness!  Our mission is for you to own your story and journey throughout your time here as...

Office of Campus Ministries

Welcome to Gallaudet’s Office of Campus Ministries (OCM), We're more than an office; we're your go-to area for deepening your spiritual journey right here on campus! Gallaudet University is comprised of a rich mosaic of spiritual and religious faiths that make us who we are....


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