The Bison Shop maintains and provides textbooks as well as campus and academic supplies to promote the educational and economic welfare of the University’s students, faculty, staff, and visitors. We are also the community resource for a variety of deaf-related books, supplies, unique deaf-related gift novelties, general merchandise visitors, and the GU community value. Our Goals
  • The Bison Shop will satisfy the varied and changing needs of the University’s diverse community and visitors.
  • The Bison Shop will provide excellent customer service by being friendly and efficient in a welcoming retail setting in a Deaf community.
  • Through friendly and efficient access to our store and website The Bison Shop will provide convenient shopping.
  • The Bison Shop will maintain and provide textbooks along with campus and academic supplies in order to promote the educational and economic welfare of the University’s students, staff, faculty, and visitors.
Sales Floor Located in the Student Union Building (SAC), the Bison Shop is owned and operated by Gallaudet University and is an official retailer of Gallaudet University apparel, including t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, athletic apparel, and more. When you buy Gallaudet University apparel, gifts, or other merchandise from the Bison Shop, you are helping support Gallaudet University.

New Program: Bison Shop Deaf Ecosystem Vendor Program We are pleased to announce a new program to showcase Deaf owned businesses by offering opportunities to introduce their products to our audience. Visit the Bison Shop Deaf Ecosystem page for more information and the application.


Bison Shop Deaf Ecosystem Vendor Program

Spring 2024 Program - Updates We aim to utilize the BisonShop as a platform to showcase Deaf owned businesses and Deaf artists while creating valuable opportunities for the community to show their support and acknowledge the importance of those businesses and artists. Our objective is...



Services and Support

It is the office of Student Financial Services that can approve the grant beyond the dateline. Approval would be in the form of reimbursement of cost and will be granted only if you are covered by the Vocational Rehabilitation service. Please check with Student Financial Services for more information.
The books are usually available on the shelves as soon as the professors submit the orders. You may not find certain textbooks on the shelves if the professors have not ordered for the books or have provided other alternatives or handouts in the class. Please contact us to get in touch with the Textbook Liaison if you need any further assistance.
Sometimes orders for books are delayed or back-ordered and therefore might not be presently available on the shelves. In such cases, you can track daily book arrivals by keeping an eye out for any special notes posted on that particular course. Alternatively, you can contact us to get in touch with a Textbook Campus Liaison for more information.
The students who are enrolled in the Student Financial Aid (SFA) grant should purchase the books and supplies only from the Bison Shop if they wish to be fully supported by SFA. If there are some unique requirements, such as special book orders needed for courses, you will first need to check with the office of Student Financial Services to make sure that you can be reimbursed for the expenses off-campus. The Bison Shop does not authorize the approval of off-campus purchases under any circumstances.
You may sell old textbooks that you no longer need to the Bison Shop. The Bison Shop conducts a buyback program at the end of the spring and fall semester each year to buy back used books from students. The Buy-Back Program usually takes place between the last few days of classes and the final day of examination week. The dates will be announced in the middle of the semester, so keep checking with us for the exact dates. Please note that we do not guarantee that all books sold by the students will be bought during the buyback program period.
You will be able to identify which course book you will need when you attend your class or receive the syllabus list from the professors.Your class schedule can be especially helpful since it provides you with the full nine-digit course numbers. The textbooks in the Bison Shop are placed on the shelves by departments, and the courses are arranged in alphabetical order. The textbooks within each of the courses are arranged in numerical order by their nine-digit course numbers. You can verify with your professors as to which books are required or optional for your selected course.
While we recognize our international students’ needs, we only ship to the continental United States because of issues with fraud liability, package tracking, and shipping costs.

Common Questions

The Bison Shop is owned and operated by Gallaudet University and is located in the Student Union Building (SAC). It provides textbooks along with campus and academic supplies for students, faculty, staff, and visitors. Visit The Bison Shop for the store hours and calendar year.
Please contact us for more information using the contact form, call, or come by the Bison Shop.
If you have forgotten your password, simply click the link below the login box labeled, Lost Your Password.
Once we have received your order, it will take 1-2 business days to process the transaction. Once this is complete and your package is ready to ship, we will email the confirmation and tracking information to the email account with which you registered.
Items on our website are those that are ordered in higher quantity and are sold consistently year after year. A large portion of the items we offer in-store are seasonal and therefore are ordered only once every few years. For these reasons and in an attempt to ensure we have everything in stock, we have made only specific items available online. If you have visited our store recently and saw something you would like to add to your order, please contact us when you place your order or before, so that we can make the necessary arrangements and adjustments before it is processed.
We typically ship using our United Parcel Service (UPS) Ground service. However, if you need your order to arrive faster than the UPS Ground average of 3-5 business days. Please contact us before placing your order. We can give you an expedited shipping estimate before processing your order.
No, there is no minimum amount you are required to order. However, all orders are subject to the same policies outlined in our Shopping Policies And Information Guide.
We offer the option of an in-store pickup. However, there is a limit of 3 days (72-hours) for the order to be held. If you won’t be here to pick up your order, please do not select in-store pick up. When picking up your order, you must present a photo ID, so we can verify your identity. Sales made for pickup or in-store are also subject to DC sales taxes.
Our store hours shift by semester and over holidays. The most recent and accurate store hours can be found on our website.
To cancel an order, please contact us at (202) 250-2727 (Video Phone), (202) 651-5876 (TTY), or (202) 651-5271 (Voice) as soon as possible to prevent the order from being shipped. Our daily shipping cut-off time is 12pm Eastern Time. You must contact us before this time to cancel your order.

Policies and Information

Yes, you may return books and merchandise purchased from the Bison Shop, subject to the following conditions:

General Return Policy

You may return all merchandise (excluding textbooks) purchased from the Bison Shop if:
  • You can present a valid sales receipt
  • The merchandise being returned is in the new(same) condition as you received it
  • The merchandise is returned within 14 business days from the date of purchase
Returns made from purchases using our online storefront must be in new condition. All additional shipping charges for returns will be incurred by the customer.

Textbook Returns

You may return textbooks purchased from the Bison Shop if
  • You can present a valid sales receipt
  • The merchandise being returned is in the new(same) condition as you received it

Other points to note

  • Purchases made with Student Financial Aid (SFA) can be returned for SFA credit only.
  • For the fall and spring semesters, no returns can be accepted after 3 business days with receipt dated three days before the deadline date.
  • Summer Return Policy is very limited and is considered as final sale.
Please check our Textbook Return Policy posted in the Bison Shop for more details, as dates are updated every term.
We are willing to work with customers to ensure they receive the appropriate size for Gallaudet Clothing. If an exchange is needed, it must meet the following conditions:
  • The replacement size is available and in stock
  • The incorrect size has not been washed or damaged in any way and is still in New Condition. This includes all tags, including brand tags and original price tags.
  • The Customer agrees to incur all shipping charges for the return of the wrong sized item and shipment of the replacement item.

Opportunities Questions

The student financial aid (SFA) grant is a need-based form of financial support given to students to pay for college expenses such as textbook purchases. Students are qualified to get their SFA account set up after they have applied for an SFA grant. The Bison Shop will set up the student’s account through the Office of Student Financial Services with the system’s balance of dollars. The students can check their student account balance at the Bison Shop to ensure that they have the sufficient funds in the system before making a purchase. Students can apply for the SFA grant by setting up an SFA account. The Student Financial Services office will provide the service as soon as students register their online business for every semester. For more details, you can contact the office of Student Financial Services. There is a limited date period for every semester when students can use their SFA grant.

Employee Questions

Textbook requisitions are now processed through our online portal. If you have not used the system or created an account, please contact us for instructions. Keep in mind that you will need the Department Specific Departmental Account name and password to complete the process. If you teach for several departments, you will have to obtain the Departmental Account information from each department.

Contact Us

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